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#77 Lucas Oil SilverHook: Partnering with IBM helps power a Great Race podium finish

One of the world’s fastest ocean racing powerboats takes second place in the challenging Trinidad & Tobago Great Race with an assist from some 100 sensors and analytics powered by the IBM…

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113 Industries uses cognitive solutions to analyze enormous volumes of social media data

113 Industries uses social listening tools powered by IBM's Cognitive technology to provide customers with key insights on their target market. Read more: “With…

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70 Miles From Shore with Watson- Woodside Energy and IBM

澳大利亚最大的独立石油及天然气企业 Woodside Energy利用 IBM Watson对海上钻井平台上的数据进行分析,并为管理者提出合理建议,优化海上能源作业。

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Activating IBM Watson in .NET Applications with Apprenda

Tap into the entire IBM Cloud service catalog including IBM Watson blockchain data and industry services without leaving your IDE including Microsoft Visual Studio. Create deploy and manage…

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AI helps Lufthansa Connect to New Insights for Happier Customers

Lufthansa Group applies IBM Watson technology to analyze data about previous customer service engagements for insights that help agents answer current inquiries. “For Lufthansa, AI is so…

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Ameritas - enabling the business to extract value from the data

The Ameritas Life Insurance company wanted to look at their analytics differently; today and for tomorrow. Ameritas realized they needed to think more strategically with their analytics, and…

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Mobilizing asset management to improve efficiency

Airport customers are demanding more flexibility, service and comfort. Achieving less delays can be attained with corrective and predictive maintenance, using Watson IoT, to identify and service…

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Assima powers more efficient, effective training leveraging IBM Watson Technology

IBM Business Partner Assima updated its education platform with IBM Watson technology to make in-context, real-time training recommendations to end users based on the task at hand. At the same time,…

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Audiense uses Cognitive solutions to help clients personalize their marketing activities

Audiense helps their clients understand the personality of its target audience, so they can improve their products customize their marketing activities. Read more: “I…

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IBM Watson Build Challenge - Blueit Group is Global Champion

From  270002WY2C 270002WY2C A year ago 370 views infuses drones with IBM Watson technology to improve crop quality

Combining IBM Watson technology with drones bearing high-resolution cameras, IBM Business Partner developed an award-winning solution that can proactively monitor the health of crops and…

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Base22 leverages IBM to create platforms for innovation

Base22 uses IBM solution to help customers overcome information overload by creating a blueprint that helps customers organize and manage information as they grow. Stay in Touch: •IBM Client…

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BlueChasm pioneers enterprise solutions using the power of Watson

BlueChasm builds enterprise solutions harnessing the power of cognitive technologies to help customers unlock the true potential of their data. Stay in Touch: •IBM Client References:…

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IBM Watson Build Challenge - BondEValue is Geography Champion for Asia Pacific

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Boulder County Housing & Human Services uses Watson to improve Citizen care

Boulder County Housing & Humans Services uses IBM Watson to help case workers gather valuable insights to provide improved care to citizens. "Watson translates all the unstructured data to…

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