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Arauco sows the seeds for sustainable growth with IBM Rapid Move and IBM Cloud

Global forestry manufacturing company partners with IBM on their digital transformation journey.

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IBM Rapid Move를 통한 보다폰의 프로세스 혁신

영국의 이동통신업체 보다폰은 노후화된 엔터프라이즈 환경에 직면했습니다. IBM은 보다폰에게 SAP S/4HANA를 통한 비즈니스 혁신 방안을 제공했으며, 보다폰의 기존 SAP 투자를 활용하면서도 기술적 문제를 해결했습니다. 보다폰의 혁신 여정, 지금 만나보시기 바랍니다.

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Making your S/4 HANA move a part of turning your company into a Cognitive Enterprise - IBM Rapid Move #3

IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA enables SAP customers to leverage their existing investment while providing greater flexibility in terms of business transformation and SAP S/4HANA innovation through a…

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IBM + Vodafone Gehen den digitalen Wandel an

IBM Services leistete Vodafone strategische Unterstützung bei der digitalen Transformation und unterstützte die Schaffung eines neuen Digital Logistics Hubs. IBM Rapid Move nutzte die…

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Vodafone and IBM Answering the Call to SAP S/4HANA with IBM Rapid Move

IBM Services provided Vodafone strategic guidance in their digital transformation, supporting the creation of their new Digital Logistics Hub. While leveraging Vodafone’s existing SAP…

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