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The financial impact of indirect costs in mainframe and distributed IT environments

The financial impact of indirect costs in mainframe and distributed IT environments

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Introducing IBM z/VM Extended Address Volumes (EAV) Paging

IBM z/VM introduces new EAV Paging functionality that allows significantly more paging space on your VM system. More information:

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Managing the Health of Your Application with IBM Z APM Connect

Many consumer facing applications still rely on the mainframe as a system of record, but most market-leading APM solutions do not offer visibility once a transaction hits the mainframe. If a problem…

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Security Intelligence

This video discusses mainframe security controls and enabling mainframe to be part of an enterprise security intelligence strategy For more information, please see the following:Realizing Efficient…

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What is a mainframe? Meet today’s computing powerhouse running workloads the world relies on 24x7

Learn why 44 of the top 50 banks, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and 10 of the top 10 insurers rely on the modern IBM Z mainframes to power their business.

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EVERTEC Processes Finance Transactions with IBM Mainframe

EVERTEC is responsible for processing billions of Latin America’s financial transactions every year. The transaction processing company has high expectations of reliability, speed and…

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First National Bank drives growth and prosperity across Africa

When I think about the IBM big data platform and how that feeds into that strategy, the appliance model is key so that we can take Ernst & Young library of anti-fraud tests and all our years of…

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