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Behind the code: See who’s working with IBM Watson to help save valuable time.

It’s time developers like Philip Walsh got some attention. He works at AIB, where he collaborated with the IBM Garage team to create a functioning virtual assistant within a week. He was able…

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What happens in the IBM Garage

Overview of the Garage’s user-centric, outcome-first approach that turns user pain points into opportunities using the agile practices of the IBM Garage Methodology.

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The IBM Garage: Innovating, disrupting, and transforming at scale with Data and AI

Presented by IBM experts, the session will explore how disrupters are using the IBM Garage to reinvent business processes with Data and AI

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Transforming digital channels to elevate hospitality

Enhancing the airline guest experience with faster, more personalized check-in services, with IBM Cloud and IBM Garage.

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Primerica: Conquering enterprise modernization

Primerica worked with the IBM Garage to design a strategy for modernizing heritage applications on an open hybrid cloud environment.

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NZN transforms from a digital publisher to a content-service platform with IBM

Every content creator wonders what to write about next. In the past, the editor-in-chief usually decided. But today, data can be more important than one person’s opinion. That’s why NZN,…

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IBM Cloud flies with American Airlines

In the highly competitive airline industry, customer experience is a major point of differentiation, and the digital channel is increasingly important. American Airlines worked with IBM Cloud to…

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Honda Cars India improves customer connection and services with IoT and cloud

Honda Cars India knew it needed to sustain and evolve its business simultaneously through a deeper understanding of real customers’ needs, supported by a robust customer management platform. It…

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Pioneering digital transformation “under the wing” with IBM and Apple

KLM knew that its ramp officers and coordinators responsible for airplane turnaround at the gate shouldn’t be trying to manage apps or wifi connections; they needed to focus on their job. KLM…

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Visit the IBM Garage of Nice, France (with English subtitles)

Welcome to the IBM Garage in Nice, France. This site is part of a network of about fifteen "Garages" around the world that are unique models for co-creating new business approaches,…

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Visite de l'IBM Garage de Nice

Bienvenue à l'IBM Garage de Nice. Ce lieu fait partie d'un réseau d'une quinzaine de "Garages" dans le monde qui sont autant de modèles uniques pour…

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Kraft Heinz connects products to consumers through intelligent workflows

Kraft Heinz delivers millions of products to consumers every day. The challenge: ensuring consumers get the right product at the right time. Kraft Heinz and IBM are working together to answer the…

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20 Second Success Stories

VW and the IBM Garage came together to innovate more quickly. Learn more at

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Kraft and the IBM Garage

Kraft and the IBM Garage came together to innovate more quickly. Learn more here.

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Bienvenido a IBM Cloud Garage - Cloud en 30

¿Has pensado en adoptar la nube? Los equipos de IBM Cloud Garage te ayudan a comenzar tu transformación en talleres, donde se diseña y construye aplicaciones reales que resuelven…

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