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New IBM z15

This video describes the new IBM z15 and how IBM Garage's experts are ready to help clients with this new server

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마이데이터 사업의 경쟁력 제고를 위한 플랫폼 접근 방안

성공적인 마이데이터 사업을 위한 마이데이터 플랫폼의 필수 요소 및 고려사항과 함께, 이를 위해 IBM이 제공해야하는 최적의 오퍼링을 소개합니다.

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Инновации в виртуально-ориентированной реальности с IBM Garage

По мере перехода от устаревших стилей работы и физических моделей к новой реальности предприятия осваивают новые способы работы. Самыми успешными станут предприятия, умеющие быстро лавировать и…

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IBM transformation story

Learn about IBMs transformation story from the perspective of the IBM Garage

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What is a daily stand-up?

Learn how to effectively participate in a stand-up meeting to ensure that there is always open and honest communication across your team. Read the practice to learn more about standups:…

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Audi UK + IBM: Bringing smarter experiences to customers

See how Audi worked with IBM to digitally transform and put innovation in the driver’s seat. Following the agile, user-focused IBM® Garage™ Methodology, and working with IBM iX®,…

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Vidéo : Parcours vers la stratégie infonuagique

Vidéo montrant comment l'expertise, la technologie et les méthodes d'IBM Garage et de l'outil Cloud Advisory peuvent simplifier le parcours d'un client vers…

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Method Minute: What is an inception?

Learn how to conduct an inception meeting with your team in order to take the output of an enterprise design thinking workshop and turn it into something that can be built. Read more about…

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Innovation in einer Virtual-First-Realität mit IBM Garage

: Für Woodsidev IBM Garage ist ein Innovations framework, über das wir Innovationen in Ihr Unternehmen bringen.

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L'innovation dans une réalité virtuelle d'abord avec IBM Garage

Pour Woodsidev IBM Garage est une infrastructure d’innovation qui nous permet de placer l’innovation au cœur de votre entreprise.

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Primerica: IBM Cloud로 고객의 미래를 공동 설계

미국의 선도적인 보험회사 Primerica는 중산층 가정을 대상으로 생명보험 설계를 제공하고 있습니다. 대부분의 기업과 마찬가지로 그들은 데이터 센터의 메인프레임에 전통적인 개발 및 IT 프로세스를 보유하고 있고, 엄격한 규제 준수가 요구되는 워크로드를 배치하고 있습니다. 이를 클라우드 및 새로운 DevOps 방법으로 현대화하기 위해서는 클라우드 여정의…

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How - and why - to modernize your scruffy old java applications

Join Holly Cummins for an in-depth session on how and why you should modernize your java applications.

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Estratégia de jornada para a nuvem (Demonstração virtual da Cloud Advisory Tool)

Simplifique sua jornada para a nuvem identificando áreas de valor, justificando o custo da migração, compreendendo as implicações de segurança e muito mais.

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Journey to Cloud Strategy (Demo virtual de Cloud Advisory Tool) - LA - CO-ES

Simplifique su camino hacia la nube identificando las áreas de valor, justificando el costo de migración, entendiendo las implicaciones de seguridad y más.

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IBM Garage在中国 (制造业成功案例集锦)


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