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Panoramica di IBM FlashSystem

Storage semplificato per il cloud ibrido. Progettato con IBM Spectrum Virtualize e gestito con IBM Storage Insights, la famiglia IBM FlashSystem consiste in un approccio basato su una singola…

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IBM FlashSystem 概述

面向混合云的存储化繁为简。 IBM FlashSystem 系列产品基于 IBM Spectrum Virtualize 构建并由 IBM Storage Insights 管理,其单一平台方法让您能够在整个 IT 基础架构环境中无缝、安全地管理数据。 因此,您可以用更多的时间来完善混合云策略,花更少的时间来解决业务瓶颈。

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Storage made simple for all

See how the new IBM FlashSystem 5200 brings NVMe-accelerated storage performance and new levels of cost-efficiency to smaller deployments in enterprises of all sizes.

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Spectrum Virtualize NPIV Feature

In this video, David the Storage Admin and Q the Host Admin discuss the Spectrum Virtualize NPIV feature and how it can add resiliency to your storage networks and keep hosts online during storage…

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Spectrum Virtualize 8.4 Technical Update 04012021

This Accelerate with IBM Storage session will take you through the most recent updates in the Spectrum Virtualize software stack. This session applies to SVC and IBM FlashSystems. We'll…

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IBM FlashSystem Overview

Meet the IBM FlashSystem family: enterprise-class flash storage solutions built to reduce IT complexity with data storage simplicity.

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一季度 IBM 存储新品发布:全新 IU 高大容量入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5200

2021 年第一季度存储新品发布:一直以“化繁为简”为传承不断升级的存储家族 IBM FlashSystem,面向容器和混合云环境,推出升级版入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5015、5035,以及全新 NVMe 入门级存储 IBM FlashSystem 5200,帮助企业从容应对数据量的快速增长和 IT 预算挑战,实现业务敏捷性创新。…

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Australia Post + IBM: delivering a more efficient future

As parcel deliveries soar, how could Australia Post handle huge volumes, improve customer service, and enhance efficiency? To harness the full power of its mission-critical SAP analytics…

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IBM Storage Spectrum Virtualize 8.4 Graphical User Interface (GUI) Demo

This video is a demonstration of features and functions of the Spectrum Virtualize 8.3.1 GUI (Graphical User Interface), which runs on the the IBM FlashSystem family of products as well as SAN…

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IBM 闪存,不仅仅是快

IBM 闪存,不仅仅是快,而且高效有品质。 IBM 存储专家携客户和合作伙伴,用实际的案例剖析 IBM 闪存的硬实力。 - 案例分享: IBM 闪存帮助广州中医附院加速中西医结合治疗 - 案例分享: IBM 闪存加速浙江民泰商业银行业务壮行,固本增效 - 案例分享: IBM 闪存的软件实现国内超大型保险公司数据整合 - 案例分享:合作伙伴利用 FlashSytem 5000 部署医院私有云…

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IBM Storage Monitoring & Management Options for the IBM FlashSystem 9200

This video is a presentation of the IBM Storage Monitoring & Management Options for the IBM FlashSystem 9200 using the Advanced Technology Group resources. This covers the update to IBM Storage…

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Data Migration with IBM FlashSystem 07072020

Hooray! I just got my new storage system! Oh no, now I must move all the data off the old one! Does this sound familiar? Data migration can be an ongoing effort, but it does not have to be difficult,…

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2021 IBM 科技创新架构系列说 - IBM LinuxONE Flash 稳敏合一的混合云平台

面向混合云时代,企业面临诸多挑战:包括如何加速数字化转型、敏捷开发并创新、实现降本增效、满足安全与合规要求、开源自主。“云中核心,智领未来 - 2021 IBM 科技创新架构系列说” 携 IBM 基础架构四大解决方案助您从容应对挑战。 2021年 1月 7日,IBM LinuxONE 携 Flash…

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超哥科技情报站新品出炉:FlashSystem 9200R

IBM 系统中心超哥带您现场体验 IBM FlashSystem 9200R 的特性和强大功能。 如果您有任何问题请致电 IBM:热线:400-6692-039服务时间:周一至周五 9:00-17:00 IBM 存储官网:

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手握 IBM Spectrum Virtualize 和 IBM FlashSystem 两大利器, 打通企业数据上云管道。

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