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Veeam Backup

Veeam on IBM Cloud provides full bare metal and hypervisor access, and this is important because it significantly reduces the learning curve of using the cloud. This enables organizations to maintain…

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IBM i : For innovators, by innovators

The IBM i 7.4 announcement is a new OS update to the IBM i platform. This version is only available on POWER8 and POWER9 which provides a unique opportunity for the IBM i install base to migrate to…

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IBM Watson for Genomics Overview

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借助 IBM Cloud Internet Services Enterprise 版提升企业工作负载

借助 IBM Cloud Internet Services Enterprise 版提升企业工作负载。

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IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). A secure private space to deploy VSIs, storage and networking resources in a virtual private network.

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Economía de APIs y microservicios

Abrir todos los activos tecnológicos de tu empresa y estandarizarlos en contratos digitales es tendencia mundial. ¡Logra que tus recursos funcionen en cualquier tipo de nube!

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How to achieve multicloud resilience and successful DR

During this 50-minute webinar you will learn how Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform and IBM Cloud work together to protect the data that most matters to your business.

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2018 Call for Code 中诞生的“冠军鸭”

2018 年,解决方案 Project Owl 夺得了“代码行动”全球挑战赛的冠军。这个搭载了物联网技术的软件与硬件结合的解决方案,可以确保在自然灾害发生时,救援先遣队能够与灾民及时联络。Project Owl 使用了最新的 IBM Watson Studio 技术、Watson Cloud API 和 Weather Company API,并全部搭建在 IBM…

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Modernizing Traditional Applications in a Multi-Cloud World: Accelerate your Cloud Journey

During this 66-minute webinar you will learn about practical steps to evaluate your applications, how to embark on your cloud journey, and discuss the considerations of modernizing traditional…

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