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ANZ Bank partners with a consortium to transform financial guarantees using IBM Blockchain

ANZ wanted to use the distributed ledger technology to digitize financial guarantees between landlords and tenants in commercial property leasing. Working in a consortium with Westpac bank, shopping…

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Banco Santander: Transforming online payments and smart contracts using IBM Blockchain

Spain-based international bank Santander realized the moment had arrived for blockchain technology to transform banking. As part of the consortium, Santander uses the IBM Blockchain platform…

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Code Pattern:在 IBM Cloud 上部署 Hyperledger Fabric 网络

参考资源:Code Pattern 【在 IBM Cloud 上部署 Hyperledger Fabric 网络】

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Diamonds are forever with a secure blockchain - The Everledger story

For more information on blockchain security best practices, download this white paper: Leanne Kemp, founder and…

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Energy Blockchain Labs: facilitating carbon reduction with IBM Blockchain

Energy Blockchain Labs works with IBM to create a general distributed energy ledger, using IBM Blockchain technology to address the global challenge of climate change. Read more:…

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FreshTurf disrupts the logistics industry in Singapore with IBM Blockchain

To better take advantage of a system of delivery lockers and simplify package delivery for residents in Singapore, FreshTurf creates a logistics solution using IBM Blockchain on Bluemix technology.…

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How Plastic Bank uses blockchain on LinuxONE to alleviate poverty

To learn more about LinuxONE: Cognition Foundry and The Plastic Bank are developing a Blockchain implementation on LinuxONE to manage financial transactions that…

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Kroger uses IBM Blockchain technology for farm to fork food traceability

For Kroger, one of the largest grocery retailers in the US, food recalls are quite costly because it often must pull unaffected product from the shelves. By implementing a Hyperleger blockchain with…

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Leveraging innovative technologies to improve the health of the American people

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leverages IBM Blockchain technology to create an encrypted ledger that collects Electronic Health Records (EHR), without compromising on data security…

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Mahindra Group unlocks the disruptive potential of IBM Blockchain technology

Working closely with IBM staff in Bangalore, India, Mahindra Group creates a solution based on IBM Blockchain technology in just three months to more easily discount invoices between the Mahindra…

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Northern Trust Corp. simplifies private equity management with IBM Blockchain

Working closely with IBM, Northern Trust Corp. uses IBM Blockchain technology to simplify the processes for managing private equity funds. The business used agile methods to move from concept to…

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True Tickets: Ensuring ticket traceability and authenticity with blockchain

True Tickets is working with Chateaux Software Development Inc., an IBM Blockchain partner, to build a ticketing system on the IBM Blockchain Platform, powered by Hyperledger Fabric. The ticketing…

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ZF Friedrichshafen AG: Revolutionizing the automotive industry with Blockchain

Car eWallet uses IBM Blockchain platform to create a single token-based payment system that automates and consolidates all the transactions conducted by the drivers "IBM Blockchain platform is…

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使用 IBM Blockchain Platform VSCode Extension 开始开发(已更新)

本视频介绍了使用 IBM Blockchain Platform VSCode Extension 开发智能合约和客户端应用程序。通过此视频,您将了解如何创建新的骨架项目,开发智能合约,打包智能合约,启动本地 Fabric 运行时,以及本地部署以进行开发和测试。

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