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Intermountain Healthcare transforms with Red Hat

Intermountain Healthcare made the switch to Red Hat to make their solutions and workflows open and easier to work with. With Red Hat, they've been able to transform their operations and how they…

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Guidewell + IBM: IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps GuideWell simplify patient data migration

GuideWell, a rapidly growing healthcare company, is responsible for managing vast amounts of personal data for their customers, and ensuring those individuals receive the best care. Hear why they…

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How IBM SPSS Statistics is helping the healthcare industry

IBM SPSS Statistics is helping healthcare and medical professionals make better decisions with data. From operations to monitoring, drug development to diagnosis, SPSS Statistics can help healthcare…

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Arvind Anthem short version

Arvind Krishna interviews Anthem Health's Rajeev Ronanki in "The new essential technologies for business" at Think 2020

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Watson Health HHS Analytics: Analytics to Support Crisis Response

Government agencies must be able to identify high risk populations; assess risk levels by geography, provider, beneficiary or other dimension; track the health of the high-risk population (both…

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Digital transformation in healthcare: how to unlock the full potential of data and AI

Healthcare organisations are balancing increasing demands on services with a stretched workforce and the need to deliver safe, consistent care. Hear about the opportunities to use digital…

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Delivering healthcare beyond boundaries

iKure is using the IBM Cloud to help doctors remotely access healthcare data and prioritise treatment of patients in rural areas with high-risk of heart disease.

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Vektis: Improving healthcare quality through data

Hear firsthand why Herman Bennema, CEO of Vektis, says IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is the heart of his organization, enabling affordable, high-quality care with deep insight into medical insurance…

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Is There a Cure for the Healthcare Skills Gap?

What's one of the top issues keeping leaders up at night? Talent. The labor market is tight. The skills in demand are constantly changing. Disruption is everywhere. Regardless of industry,…

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North York General Hospital: Improving patient care with IBM Analytics

Ontario's North York General Hospital uses visualization and modeling help to better the patient ER experience. Using modeling, they more efficiently plan their resources, create awareness and…

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You were awesome! AI answers healthcare providers’ questions at Humana

Watch how Watson Assistant gets feedback from Humana's Healthcare Providers: "You were awesome!" as they get care questions answered.

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Open Innovation with Hybrid Multicloud for Smarter Healthcare

Healthcare organizations continue to find themselves in the midst of digital transformation efforts where they are called upon to continually assess their current environments and move selected…

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Continuous Intelligence in HealthCare

How does continuous intelligence impact the healthcare industry? This fireside chat between IBM Cloud and Analytics Sales Leader Mike Beddow and RT Insights analyst Adrian Bowles explores the…

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Orion Labs infuses intelligence to bring group communication to a whole new level

First responders and remote teams have been using PTT technology to communicate in real time for many years. But now, Orion Labs has added the power of AI to its Orion Voice Platform. It uses…

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Challenge the Odds of Clinical Trial Matching

The frustration of recruiting patients for cancer research begins with data — and ends with AI. Watson for Clinical Trial Matching enables oncologists to quickly review a list of…

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Watson for Clinical Trial Matching demo

IBM® Watson™ for Clinical Trial Matching enables clinicians to more easily and quickly find a list of clinical trials for an eligible patient, and in the clinical trial office, find…

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