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Accélérez les charges de travail d'IA et de HPC avec les GPU de NVIDIA sur l'IBM Cloud

L'intérêt de choisir l'IBM Cloud pour vos besoins en GPU réside dans notre infrastructure d'entreprise, notre plateforme et nos services. Vous obtenez un…

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Les processeurs graphiques en 7 minutes : Un guide complet

En savoir plus sur les processeurs graphiques : Cloud pour les processeurs graphiques : la dernière vidéo de notre série de…

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來自 IBM Cloud、MapD 和 Bitfusion
的新 GPU 效能基準

IBM Cloud、MapD 和 Bitfusion 在 32 台伺服器上對 64 位元 K80 GPU 進行了擴展,在 271 毫秒內篩選、查詢和彙總 400 億行資料集。

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Spectral MD revolutionizes the diagnosis and treatment of burns using advanced imaging and machine learning

Diagnosing the severity of burns is hard; even the most experienced doctors frequently make errors. Harnessing the power of GPUs on IBM® Cloud™ bare metal servers, Spectral MD increased the…

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IBM and OpenPOWER Partner with Oak Ridge National Labs to Solve World's Toughest Challenges

See how researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working with IBM Power Systems and OpenPOWER experts to build the next High Performance Supercomputer, Summit, and how they are delivering a…

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How-tos & Demos Using VDI with IBM Cloud NVIDIA and NetApp

When your architects and engineers need secure access to graphics-intensive applications IBM Cloud in partnership with NVIDIA and NetApp delivers best-in-class graphics and storage to accelerate…

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Affordable flexible high-performance computing with Bitfusion and IBM Cloud

To learn more about high-performance computing on IBM Cloud visit: Bitfusion provides innovative software that accelerates applications with order of magnitude performance gains. Scale up on a…

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