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How to execute large scale application modernization

Application modernization doesn’t happen with a wave of a magic wand. There are many factors to consider. Financial services institutions (FSIs) especially have operated for so long with…

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LinuxONE Financial Services

Live Webinar

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Optimize your plans with IBM Planning Analytics and IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Learn how to make better business decisions and improve resource allocation with IBM Planning Analytics and IBM ILOG CPLEX.

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IBM Algo Workspace Analyzer

A demonstration of IBM Algo Workspace Analyzer, a rapidly deployed risk aggregation and reporting solution with interactive analysis to guide risk planning and accelerate overall implementation. To…

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ANZ Bank partners with a consortium to transform financial guarantees using IBM Blockchain

ANZ wanted to use the distributed ledger technology to digitize financial guarantees between landlords and tenants in commercial property leasing. Working in a consortium with Westpac bank, shopping…

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IBM Algo Stress Testing Workbench

A demonstration of IBM Algo Stress Testing Workbench which allows financial institutions to view different stress scenarios to better understand risk exposure For more information on IBM Financial…

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Real-time fraud prevention for any payment channel

Domesticating the power of machine learning, fraud fighters now have the control to alter models as needed to more effectively reduce risk and lower false positives. No need to rely on solution…

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BR-AG leverages blockchain technology to help regulators function efficiently

BR – AG focuses on building trust in the financial services sector by helping organizations identify use cases where blockchain or other distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions can…

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UniCredit: Partners with IBM to empower small and medium enterprises

UniCredit partners with a group of European banks to create, a trading solution based on IBM Blockchain. Banks like UniCredit provide an entry point for their customers onto the platform,…

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STET: An inter-banking company, helps banks combat fraud using IBM Safer Payments

STET uses IBM Safer Payments to analyze payments for its customers. Each transaction is analyzed and a fraud score is provided in less than 10 milliseconds, helping its customers combat fraudulent…

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UK Global Finance Packaged Solution for IFRS16

How Global Financing can help you through the implementation of the new Accounting Standard IFRS16

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Helping Business Partners win in the marketplace with financing

Hear from Mike Dionisio, president of IBM Business Partner Questronix Corporation on how he uses IBM Global Financing as part of his sales strategy.

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Create an end to end asset lifecycle strategy with IBM Global Asset Recovery Services

Is your company struggling on how to manage old IT equipment and mobile devices? IBM Global Asset Recovery Services facilitates end of life and end of lease processes for all IT assets and mobile…

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Nordea leverages IBM technology to enable smooth and secure trading for its customers

Nordea joins a consortium of eight other European banks to build a safe, secure and easy to use trade platform that would enable even the smallest companies to participate in international trade.…

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IBM & Freedom Powersports fuel data analytics with Oracle EPM Cloud

To build robust business cases for future acquisitions, Freedom Powersports wanted to gain a deeper understanding of profitability across its retail store portfolio. Working with IBM® Services,…

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