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BDCI digitally transforms invoices with the IBM Digital Business Automation Platform

BDCI digitally transforms invoices with the IBM DBA Platform. The IBM DBA products have helped them alleviate a paper trail that was just becoming too burdensome. It has helped them create a workflow…

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IBM and Box: Expanding Your Infrastructure To The Cloud

Collaboration with groups outside of your company is critical to your success, but how do you securely share and work with documents outside your firewall? IBM and Box transform work in the cloud…

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HSBC and IBM develop cognitive intelligence solution to digitize global trade

Working with IBM HSBC has developed a new technology that will help automate and simplify the processing of millions of documents used daily in international commerce. HSBC uses IBM Enterprise…

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ECM/Content Services Strategy and 2017 Product Roadmap

Enterprise Content Management/Content Services Strategy and 2017 Product Roadmap

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Support Technical Exchange on IBM Content Manager version 8.4.3 upgrade to version 8.5.

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