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3 façons de transformer vos supply chains avec des workflows intelligents

Les supply chains deviennent de plus en plus complexes. Pour surmonter les perturbations, elles doivent être plus efficientes et résilientes.

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3 Möglichkeiten wie intelligente Workflows Ihre Lieferketten verändern

In der heutigen Welt sind globale Lieferketten komplex und Störungen sind unvermeidlich. Um in dieser neuen Welt herausragende Leistungen zu erbringen, müssen die Verantwortlichen der…

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Kirstine Stewart - World Economic Forum Priorities and the Role of Technology

Kirstine Stewart is the Head of Shaping the Future of Media and a Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum. With a board of governors including CEOs and Chairs from major…

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MineHub ensures timely and accurate data-sharing with blockchain

MineHub has established a consortium of leading industry participants—including mining, technology and banking companies—to help build a blockchain platform to manage high-value assets…

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