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5 Things Developers Need to Know About Digital Transformation with Postgres

Bruce Momjian discusses the key issues developers need to know to stay ahead of digital transformation in this webcast.

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ANZ Bank partners with a consortium to transform financial guarantees using IBM Blockchain

ANZ wanted to use the distributed ledger technology to digitize financial guarantees between landlords and tenants in commercial property leasing. Working in a consortium with Westpac bank, shopping…

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DHFL: Undergoes digital transformation using IBM solutions

DHFL drives innovation in customer experience by migrating its systems to a hybrid cloud model—a combination of on-premise systems and a private IBM Cloud environment. "Through IBM…

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German Bundestag creating a vision for government through digital transformation

German Bundestag leverages Watson IoT capabilities to help in the efficient functioning of the city while ensuring the security of its data, to transform the life of its citizens. "Watson IoT…

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IBM Middleware: Break down the barriers to digital transformation

How can you be ready for whats next when whats next could be anything? IBM Middleware gives you the power to remake your business for the future by unleashing continuous innovation while building on…

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IBM Z | Transform data into insights with machine learning

Establish trust at the center of your business: Every customer transaction provides priceless information to help optimize future customer experiences. Machine learning on…

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IDC: Can Your Business Survive Digital Transformation?

A cyber resilience strategy considers how digital transformation breaks down the traditional safeguards between enterprises and participants in the global economy and ensures that the business can…

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Join The Marketplace Movement And Grow Your Online Business

Online buyers make purchases on marketplaces at least three to five times per month 95% of consumers have already used a Marketplace 85% of buyers are satisfied with their…

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Logoplaste and IBM Services satisfy the world’s thirst with an all-digital supply chain

Plastics packaging manufacturer Logoplaste takes advantage of its global scale teaming with IBM Services. They rapidly migrated to SAP S/4HANA applications resulting in optimised costs, shop-floor to…

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Mendix on IBM Cloud: Build enterprise-level apps, no coding required

Mendix’s Martijn van Lieshout, Senior Director of Product Marketing, discusses the unique value their service brings to IBM Cloud. Mendix is essentially a platform within a platform and enables…

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Power your modern infrastructure with IBM Z® and LinuxONE™

Discover the new IBM z14™ and LinuxONE: You need a modern infrastructure built for digital transformation, open-source innovation and growth with unrivaled…

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Putting fulfillment at the heart of the customer experience

In an environment of “have it my way” consumers and digital transformation pressures, you as a retailer are in a race to deliver a differentiated and superlative customer experience. The…

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Sonoma County and IBM Working Together to Change Lives

No matter how good their intentions may be, the way government does business is outdated especially for those with multiple, complex needs. Constrained by budgets, organizational structures and…

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Sopra Steria: Using AI to transform banking and human resources customers in 20 countries

Sopra Steria leverages IBM Watson technology to help its customers in their digital transformation journey. "The partnership between IBM and Sopra Steria is a way to drive the customer…

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Transformación Digital 2.0 nuestro momento - Marta Martinez

Video: Transformación Digital 2.0 nuestro momento - Marta Martinez

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