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What is DevSecOps

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DevSecOps Lightboard

Andrea Crawford explains what DevSecOps is, what the benefits are, and provides use cases for employing DevSecOps principles.

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Data Migration Explained

Data migration is the process of transferring data between one computer storage system to another and is crucial for businesses that need server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or…

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What is Infrastructure as Code?

These days it's increasingly crucial to automate your infrastructure as applications can be deployed into production up to hundreds of times per day. Check out this lightboard video with Sai…

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Defend Against Insider Threats On Prem and Off Prem with DevSecOps

DevSecOps is an important trend in enterprise IT. Integrating application security with DevOps helps ensure it is designed in, not just bolted on, offering greater protection against threats. See how…

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DOES London Recap

Attendees of the DevOps Enterprise Summit London share their insights on the conference and the latest trends in DevOps practice.

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