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Découvrez la communauté IBM Developer et les patterns de code d'IBM

Présentation du programme IBM Developer et d'exemples de patterns de code par Xavier Rey-Robert, Developer Advocate IBM, et Antoine Jeanpierre, IBM Digital Business Group Ecosystem…

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Tanmay Bakshi: Power AI - Why I'm fascinated by the combination of AI and deep learning frameworks

Tanmay Bakshi talks about how IBM Power AI can help solve some key challenges with deep learning and allows domain or subject matter experts (SMEs) to create their own deep learning models –…

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Tanmay Bakshi: Why machine learning captures our imagination

Tanmay Bakshi shares his experience on using Watson's deep learning capabilities and states how developers around the world are implementing these powerful technologies into their everyday…

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Linux on z Systems empowers your developers

For more information, please visit: By bringing the systems of record and systems of engagement workloads together inside the same enterprise-class server, you can…

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Imagine everything you can do with .NET workloads on IBM Cloud

With Apprenda and IBM Cloud your .NET applications are automatically cloud-enabled without an API refactoring or re-architecting. Apprenda adds cloud characteristics and tooling to apps-elasticity…

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Improving Responsiveness and Flexibility with MicroProfile Open Liberty and Microservice Builder

The marketplace today has vastly changed with the prevalence of open source and creating cloud-native applications in a microservice framework which is providing a variety of new ways to go to…

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IBM Cloud + Apprenda: bridging todays apps to tomorrow on one platform

Stop managing multiple environments for different runtimes tooling and dev teams and let Bluemix help you manage all of your applications via a single pane of glass.

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Get started with Bluemix .NET

IBM Bluemix Catalog ACP: The Apprenda Developers Portal: The Apprenda Account Portal:…

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ClearDB on Bluemix: Spin up MySQL databases fast Part 2

Michael Russo ClearDB Product Manager talks about the advantages and strength of their IBM relationship. With just a few clicks and a little code Michael shows how you can spin up MySQL servers in…

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