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IBM Skills Presents- Making Practical Use of Design Thinking Replay

Learn about the foundations of Design Thinking and how it is used by designers and more at IBM. In this webinar, you'll learn design thinking activities and tools that you can apply to your own…

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Understand IBM Design Thinking in 10 minutes

Understand IBM Design Thinking in 10 minutes

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IBM transformation story

Learn about IBMs transformation story from the perspective of the IBM Garage

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Method Minute: What is an inception?

Learn how to conduct an inception meeting with your team in order to take the output of an enterprise design thinking workshop and turn it into something that can be built. Read more about…

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IBM Garageができること

IBM Garage Methodologyのアジャイル・プラクティスを活用して、ユーザーの問題点を機会に変える、ガレージのユーザー中心の結果優先アプローチの概要ビデオ。

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O que acontece na IBM Garage - LA - BR-PT

Visão geral da abordagem centrada no usuário da Garage, que prioriza os resultados e transforma os principais problemas em oportunidades usando as práticas ágeis da…

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Lo que sucede en IBM Garage - LA - CO-ES

Resumen del enfoque de Garage centrado en el usuario y de priorización de resultados que convierte los problemas del usuario en oportunidades mediante prácticas ágiles de la…

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SBI partners with IBM to accelerate digital transformation through YONO

A new normal for financial services is resulting in banks embracing the continual reinvention of their business models and platforms. State Bank of India (SBI) partnered with IBM to envision and…

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ANTA Group partners with IBM to deliver high-quality retail experiences

To empower customers across China to find their perfect fit, ANTA Group is working with IBM® Services™ to shape personalized, high-quality retail experiences in store, online and on mobile,…

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Canadian Solar drives operational efficiency and visibility with SAP and IBM

With a vision to adopt Smart Manufacturing, Canadian Solar was seeking to improve the efficiency and visibility of its operations by deploying an integrated IT platform for global operations…

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Indosat reinvents the contact center with IBM

Indosat Ooredoo was seeking to enhance customer experience and agent productivity by embedding digital in all customer interactions. Indosat Ooredoo collaborated with IBM to modernize its contact…

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Bestseller drives smarter apparel business decision with IBM

Partnering with IBM Services, Bestseller India used IBM® Garage™ methodology to develop, India’s first AI-powered platform for the fashion industry. derives…

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ABM Investama drives efficiency with IBM Services and SAP

ABM Investama’s mining operations can be buffeted by volatile commodity prices and distribution challenges. To help flex production, cut waste and protect margins, IBM Services worked with ABM…

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Method Minute: How to write a user story

In this episode we explain the fundamental steps of writing a good user story. User stories help product owners, architects, designers, and developers share a common understanding of how the team…

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Asan Medical Center - IBM Services 를 통해 고객 서비스 및 운영 효율성 향상

고객 서비스를 향상시키고 효율성을 높이기 위해 Asan Medical Center (AMC)는 IBM 서비스와 협력하여 IBM Garage ™ 방법론을 사용하여 지능형 자동화를 통해 병상 할당 작업 및 입원 환자 예약을 자동화했습니다. 더 읽어보기: 아산의료원은 지능형 자동화를 통해 최대 20분까지…

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Syniverse: 블록체인과 IBM Garage가 만든 새로운 로밍 서비스 연계 및 비용 정산

Syniverse는 세계 최대 규모의 모바일 네트워크를 구축했으며, 5G 시대에 발맞춰 로밍 요금 처리를 위한 블록체인 솔루션 도입을 고민하고 있었습니다. IBM 블록체인 전문가와 검증된 IBM Garage 방법론을 통해 Syniverse와 IBM이 어떻게 성공적으로 PoC를 수행했는지 확인하시기 바랍니다. IBM Garage를 통해 스타트업처럼 빨리…

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