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Anyline teaches smartphones to read using IBM Cloud and Watson

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, but Anyline wanted to make them even smarter. Specifically, it wanted to bridge the gap between error-prone manual character entry and still inaccurate…

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Code Pattern: 部署由深度学习驱动的‘魔术裁剪工具’

参考资源:Code Pattern【部署由深度学习驱动的‘魔术裁剪工具’】 本 Code Pattern 展示使用开源图像分割深度学习模型从提交的图像中检测不同类型的对象,然后在拖放式 (drag-and-drop)Web 应用程序界面中与这些图像进行交互,以组合图像或创建新图像。

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Sign up for Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog

This video shows you how to sign up for an IBM Watson including an IBM Cloud account, then provision the IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog applications to use in IBM Watson.…

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IBM POWER9: Let’s Put Smart to Work

With built-in PowerVM virtualization, next-generation IBM POWER9-based Power Systems servers are cloud-ready, enabling you to deploy the right cloud environment to meet your organization’s…

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Машинное обучение: теория и практическое применение. Инфраструктура для ИИ от IBM

Во время вебинара на реальных примерах разбираются основные задачи, решаемые с помощью машинного обучения; рассказываем основные методы машинного обучения и их особенности, тренды разработки ИИ. …

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使用 OpenCV 和深度学习对视频中的对象进行跟踪

参考资源:【使用 OpenCV 和深度学习对视频中的对象进行跟踪】

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Automation of AI Accelerating the AI Revolution (sponsored by IBM Watson) - Ruchir Puri (IBM)

Ruchir Puri discusses the next revolution in automating AI, which strives to deploy AI to automate the task of building, deploying, and managing AI tasks, accelerating enterprises' journey to…

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The Value of AI to Enterprise Business

The IBM Power Systems team recently caught up with some of the leading thinkers in artificial intelligence to discuss the value of AI to enterprise business. Learn more:

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Deploy Deep Learning rapidly, with IBM GPU Accelerated Systems Webcast

This webcast will talk about Rapid Deployment. Flexible Frameworks. Blazing Performance.

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Join IBM, NVIDIA, and Google to explore Distributed Deep Learning Webcast

Deploy Distributed Deep Learning at Scale, with IBM, NVIDIA and TensorFlow.

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Join IBM, NVIDIA, and Google to Explore Distributed Deep Learning

Explore distributed Deep Learning concepts, with an emphasis on how distributed approaches and deep learning can solve real-world problems.

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Tanmay Bakshi: Power AI - Why I'm fascinated by the combination of AI and deep learning frameworks

Tanmay Bakshi talks about how IBM Power AI can help solve some key challenges with deep learning and allows domain or subject matter experts (SMEs) to create their own deep learning models –…

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Tanmay Bakshi: Why machine learning captures our imagination

Tanmay Bakshi shares his experience on using Watson's deep learning capabilities and states how developers around the world are implementing these powerful technologies into their everyday…

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Spectral MD revolutionizes the diagnosis and treatment of burns using advanced imaging and machine learning

Diagnosing the severity of burns is hard; even the most experienced doctors frequently make errors. Harnessing the power of GPUs on IBM® Cloud™ bare metal servers, Spectral MD increased the…

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