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演示:下一代数据和人工智能平台(The next generation data and AI platform )

观看演示,了解IBM Cloud Pak for Data 如何在正确的时间通过具有自动功能(如 - AutoSQL, AutoCatalog, AutoPrivacy and AutoAI. )等自动化功能的智能数据结构,将正确的数据连接到团队中的合适人员。 立即试用免费试用:Get started with the no-cost trial

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Episode 08 - ISA Cloud Podcast: Data Privacy, Identity & Security Controls on Cloud

Join Sudeep Das, Technical Sales, Security, IBM India & South Asia as he shares why security plays a crucial role in your Cloud Transformation journey and highlights the importance in terms of…

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What are IBM Cloud Paks?

IBM believes that a cloud strategy is key to digital transformation. And that AI can accelerate innovation and drive transformation. IBM Cloud Paks bring you the best of IBM's software…

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AirGap Protection

Data security and protection are one of the top concerns with customers today. Invest in this 4-minute video on how using air gap protection will help avoid data corruption due to malware or…

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The next generation data and AI platform

Watch the demo to see how IBM Cloud Pak for Data connects the right data, at the right time, to the right people on your team, from anywhere its needed through an intelligent data fabric with…

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厦门雅迅:借助 IBM QRadar 为车联网的信息安全保驾护航

随着整个车联网的进程的开展,单纯靠一个硬件的防御已经不足以抵御车联网的信息安全,厦门雅迅借助 IBM QRadar 态势感知平台,对潜在风险进行关联分析,实现车云协同。

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Vicom Infinity & IBM - Building Innovative Solutions with Watson

Alex Kim, Systems Solution Architect at Vicom Infinity, explains how IBM and Vicom Infinity teamed to develop a voice assist program built on IBM Watson technologies and enriched with natural…

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Intro to IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services

Data security and protection are by far the biggest inhibitors for organizations seeking to move sensitive applications and data to the public cloud.  In fact, 95% of our customers in regulated…

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IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS–flexible pricing & vertical scaling

Learn about the flexible pricing and the vertical scaling feature of IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS. For more information about Hyper Protect DBaaS, check out: -Hyper Protect DBaaS:…

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Решение самых серьезных проблем безопасности данных

Для ИТ-специалистов на первом месте должна стоять защита важнейших бизнес-ресурсов. Сейчас миллионы сотрудников работают удаленно, а в кризисное время это число растет в…

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Lösen Sie Ihre komplexesten Herausforderungen im Bereich der Datensicherheit

Der Schutz kritischer Unternehmenswerte und -informationen sollte für die IT-Teams höchste Priorität haben. Millionen von Beschäftigten befinden sich heute…

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Rozwiązania najbardziej złożonych problemów dotyczących bezpieczeństwa danych

Dla zespołów informatycznych ochrona newralgicznych zasobów i informacji biznesowych powinna być priorytetem. Obecnie miliony pracowników pracują zdalnie, a…

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Comment résoudre vos problèmes les plus complexes en matière de sécurité des données

Pour les équipes informatiques, protéger les informations et les actifs métier cruciaux de leur entreprise devrait être une priorité.…

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Resolver los retos de seguridad de datos más complejos

La protección de los activos y la información crítica de la empresa debe ser una prioridad para los equipos de TI. Actualmente, millones de empleados trabajan…

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