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Data Quality and Governance: The Key to Implementing successful AI

Watch this webinar to learn how AI is shaping the future and how an integrated data quality and governance platform is crucial to successful AI adoption.

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An Automated Data Discovery and Classification Story

See how IBM's Information Server makes it easy for companies to classify and find specific types of data throughout their enterprise, such as sensitive data, or personal identity information…

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A Data Quality Story - Shop for Data

A high level explanation of how IBM's integrated Data Quality and Governance solutions make finding and assessing the quality of enterprise data, quick and easy.

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Using Information Server to Perform Data Quality Assessments

IBM Information Server Data Quality provides all the capabilities for companies to assess the quality of their data, using various quality dimensions, customer rules, machine learning, and…

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Quicker ROI using machine learning and automation for Data Quality

See recent innovations around data quality in IBM InfoSphere Information Server, including new automation and data classification features.

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Building Trusted Data Through Deep Profiling and Analysis with Machine Learning

Learn how machine learning and other analytics techniques can be used to ensure better data outcomes

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Achieve Data Quality Assessment Automation with IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer Demo In this demo, learn how IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer helps to achieve quality assessment automation. See how Information Analyzer provides automatic ingestion,…

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Data Quality overview

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Ceska Pojistovna improves Client Satisfaction Level with IBM Watson Explorer

Contact Center Department of Ceska Pojistovna now rely on IBM Watson Explorer to understand 100% calls received, 100% Emails received and to improve the Quality of Information used. Read more:…

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