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借助 IBM FlashSystem 實現現代化資料保護

傳統的資料恢復解決方案已不足以應對當今日益猖獗的網路威脅。IBM FlashSystem 系列產品、SAN Volume Controller(SVC)和 DS8900 大型主機存儲現已全面支援 Safeguarded Copy(受保護的副本)功能 —— 通過不可變且隔離的副本增強保護,説明您應對不斷變化的網路威脅,讓您在發生攻擊事件時,能夠快速、從容地地還原和恢復副本。…

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借助 IBM FlashSystem 实现现代数据保护

传统的数据恢复解决方案已不足以应对当今日益猖獗的网络威胁。IBM FlashSystem 系列产品、SAN Volume Controller(SVC)和 DS8900 主机存储现已全面支持 Safeguarded Copy(受保护的副本)功能 ——…

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Tape Backup and Recovery Best Practices

Tape backup and recovery play a significant role in data protection. Since the world today is not a safe place with new threats every day, you will want to listen to this short 5 minute video where…

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Think2021: Session #2305 Confidential computing

Industries have long known how to secure and encrypt data at rest and in motion but protecting data in use has been notoriously difficult. IBM is leading the charge in going beyond

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Data Protection for modern environments with IBM FlashSystem

Learn how IBM FlashSystem can help protect your company’s data and make it more resilient, whether in your data center or in hybrid environments.

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AirGap Protection

Data security and protection are one of the top concerns with customers today. Invest in this 4-minute video on how using air gap protection will help avoid data corruption due to malware or…

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Encryption - the Key to Securing Your Data

Computer Sweden and IBM invite you to a webinar where we will guide you through the key challenges businesses face today in regards to their data protection journey.

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Spectrum User Group Forum: Modernize your Data Protection for a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment

Scalable data protection for physical file servers, applications, and virtual environments. Data Reuse - Unlock the value of your data by improving the quality and speed of development, testing,…

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实践是检验真理的唯一标准。IBM 技术专家携合作伙伴与您分享磁带落地实践,全方位剖析各行各业中的磁带标杆案例。 - 东京奥运在即,电视台如何保存资料的 - 金融行业,磁带一直在为数据保驾护航 - 超大型互联网,如何让分布式云数据成本节约 84% - 恶劣环境中,细说磁带存储的独到之处IBM 磁带存储解决方案:…

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磁盘VS磁带,谁是王者?IBM 系统中心专家王超和 IBM 系统部客户经理秦宇轩倾情演绎磁盘与磁带的角逐,让您一睹为快,视频有惊喜,玩法有彩蛋。同时,您将了解 IBM 磁带的历史并观看 IBM TS4300 现场演示。 实验室开放日:5 分钟试驾 - 极速体验现代数据保护产品IBM 磁带存储解决方案:…

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2021 IBM 科技创新架构系列说:云磁带 — 冷数据管理与保护

混合云时代下,冷数据的保存越来越重要,来到聚光灯下的冷数据管理与保护面临着诸多挑战:面对海量数据,如何进行数据分层? 数据量呈指数级增长,如何有效控制成本,增加营收? 预防百密一疏,怎样自信抵御安全风险,内外兼顾? 不忘初心,跨越近 70 年的持续创新, IBM 磁带存储可以让您从容应对新时代下冷数据的存储、管理与保护,实现冷数据降本增效。IBM…

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Building a Data Protection Solution for Cyber Resiliency 05142020

As the risk of cyber-attacks continues to grow, organizations need to make certain they are doing everything they can to be able to recover their data quickly, but also configure their data…

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IBM Security Secret Server - 发现您的特权帐户

与特权账户相关的挑战之一在于,组织通常不知道存在于哪些特权账户或它们的存储位置。您可以使用 IBM Security Secret Server 的发现功能解决此挑战。

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