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Turbocharge your digital transformation through always-on customer experiences

In the era of individual-centered economy, customers are demanding faster, more personalized services. To deliver these services, successful organizations realize the benefits of accurate and…

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Managing IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform Deployments

Discover how you can access, share, analyze and gain insights from all your data with the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform. Learn more at: :…

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客户案例: GuideWell 如何简化数据迁移

客户案例: GuideWell 如何简化数据迁移

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Aigine solving GDPR compliance issues using AI

With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, businesses are scrambling to ensure that they protect their customer’s data and privacy. Aigine was…

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Cloudera and IBM announce partnership, and what it means for modernizing your data infrastructure

There is no AI (artificial intelligence) without IA (information architecture). Discover how Cloudera and IBM are working together to help businesses embrace multi-cloud and to modernize their data…

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MDM Machine Learning Assisted Data Stewardship Technical Preview

Improve the efficiency, accuracy, and automation of MDM suspect duplicate processing decisions by tracking and learning from the decisions made by data stewards.

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MDM Entity Insight Demo

Discover and gain additional insights of customer through exploring and analyzing customer data using self-service analytics

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MDM Consent Management

Learn how IBM MDM Consent Management captures and manages consent of each individual as required by the GDPR or any other data protection regulation

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MDM Create a Single Customer Record

Create and manage a single, trusted view of customer data by resolving duplicate records using probabilistic matching engine

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IBM Stewardship Center Demo

Explore the 360 view of customer master data and understand the statistics of master data managed in MDM using IBM Stewardship Center

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MDM Overview

Get started with IBM MDM - understand what Master Data Management is and what IBM offers

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Introduction Masking Data Using IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

Focusing on the masking and conversion of data, this video will show how to the masking functions work and how they are built. Once the data is converted, a comparison of the data shows the…

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Introduction to the Optim Test Data Management Extract Process

The first step in managing test data with Optim Test Data Management is to create the parts needed to extract and subset the source data. This video shows the creation of access definitions and…

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An Overview of the IBM InfoSphere Optim Common Elements

This video will briefly cover the elements common to the Optim product such as Optim Manager and the Optim Designer interface.

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Introduction to IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management and Data Privacy

This video will provide a brief overview of the IBM InfoSphere Optim Product with a focus on Test Data Management and Data Privacy.

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Master Data Management – Avoiding the Potholes (UK)

Learn about the most common problems that master data management (MDM) projects encounter, and how to avoid them.

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