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Why you need an automated approach to IT GRC management

In many companies different departments have their own IT systems and processes to manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC). These disparate management programs are not sufficient to provide the…

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10 puntos clave para una estrategia de ciberseguridad - Cloud en 30

Descubre los puntos que necesariamente debe de tomar en cuenta cualquier empresa para estar protegido! Acompáñanos a verlo con nuestro especialista en seguridad.

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Interns: A Goldmine for Hackers & Social Engineering

While internships are a great way to get a "foot in the door" at a company, these interns' social media habits could be helping hackers get a foot in the door as well through…

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Estado actual de las amenazas de seguridad - Cloud en 30

Hoy existen 140,000 tipos de vulnerabilidades en la red y el ciberataque es el 5to elemento de mayor riesgo para los negocios con enorme impacto económico. Conoce más con nuestro…

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IBM Security -- Protecting the Faces Behind the Data

It is not just data that needs to be protected. People are the data.

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DB Systel: Leveraging Blockchain to create a seamless transportation experience

DB Systel, in the pursuit of enhancing user experience and bridging gaps in mobility services, synergized with IBM to create a Blockchain platform. This platform provides a seamless experience for…

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Banco Santander Mexico: Embracing Cybersecurity to stay a step ahead of fraudsters

Banco Santander Mexico deploys a state-of-the-art security tool using IBM Trusteer solutions to quickly identify and stop fraudulent logins and transactions, without interfering unnecessarily with…

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Secure-24, LLC partners with IBM to help protect against today’s cyber threats

To provide comprehensive and effective incident management support, Secure-24, LLC takes advantage of its position as an IBM Business Partner to access advanced technical resources and comprehensive…

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