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Reinvent Customer Engagement (BACKBASE & IBM)

Episode: Reinvent Customer Engagement to Drive Progressive Modernization for Financial Institutions Speakers: Jouk Pleiter, Founder & CEO, Backbase and Likhit Wagle, GM, Global Banking, IBM…

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Consumer banking for the Next Normal: New ways of working

The pandemic is amplifying market forces to disrupt traditional customer engagement models and challenge banks to reinvent themselves. The pandemic has left physical branches empty and has…

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Mehr Transparenz und weniger Unterbrechungen mit IBM Supply Chain Insights

IBM Supply Chain Insights kann Ihnen dabei helfen, Unterbrechungen mithilfe künstlicher Intelligenz zu vermeiden und die Gewissheit zu haben, künftig effektiver zu arbeiten.

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Weniger Komplexität bei B2B-Transaktionen mit dem IBM Supply Chain Business Network

In Unternehmensnetzwerken werden Tausende von Transaktionen durchgeführt. Die Notwendigkeit, die Lieferkette zu modernisieren und IT-Mitarbeiter zu entlasten, damit sie sich auf…

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Watson Assistant for Marketing : Ceci n'est pas une démo

Watson Assistant pour le Marketing est un composant renforcé avec de l'IA présent dans de multiples solutions de Watson Marketing qui permet aux marketeurs d'analyser…

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Watson Campaign Automation – Demovideo (Vollversion)

IBM Watson Campaign Automation ist eine Hybrid-Cloud-Plattform, mit der Anbieter herausragende Kundenerlebnisse automatisieren können.

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WCE Think Videos

Learn how IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA) takes customer analytics to the next level.

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The Power of Visibility: Are you ready to unleash your supply chain data?

Watch Gartner Analyst Christian Titze discuss the importance of Supply Chain visibility across business networks.

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Are You Keeping up with Your Customers Expectations?

Learn more about Watson Commerce in this exclusive webinar, part 1 of 3.

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Event Readiness Webinar

Join IBM as they discuss event readiness as we quickly approach this upcoming holiday season.

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Adopting Cognitive to unlock value for sales and marketing

Join Maria Winans where she discusses CMOs and sales leaders who use cognitive-enabled technologies today and the challenges they face.

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Super charge marketing campaigns with AI-powered, personalized content

In this webinar, we will discuss how finding content with the help of AI can super charge personalized marketing campaigns.

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How will blockchain, IoT and cognitive analytics transform the supply chain?​ ​

Watch this webinar to learn how blockchain, IOT and cognitive analytics will transform the supply chain.

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Exceeding Customer Expectations

Learn how to lead your company to success by crafting brand engagements that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations.

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