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Iconic Brazilian soccer team eyes goal of transforming fan experience

Iconic Brazilian soccer team, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, kicks off a broad-reaching effort to reinvent the experience of fandom for its supporters.

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Finnair chooses IBM Watson AI to enable proactive decision making

Following the worldwide trend, today’s airline industry is becoming increasingly digital. Finnair chose the power of IBM Watson AI technology to accelerate its digital transformation and…

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Exceptional experiences designed by IBM iX and Adobe

Together, IBM iX and Adobe are an unbeatable match for delivering user-centric marketing and CX. The experiences we create are rooted in technology that simplifies internal marketing systems while…

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IBM iX: The Human Side of your Bottom Line

This is an anchor video asset designed to launch the new iX campaign strategy: The Human Side of your Bottom Line. IBM iX designs experiences with humanity. Powered by technology, these experiences…

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JR West: Using Cloud, AI and IoT to make infrastructure a services industry

JR West Group, a railway company in Japan, adopted IBM API Connect to offer its operations data as APIs to create open innovation, reduce service costs and improve productivity. Developers can embed…

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The Digital and Cognitive Benefits of Moving Core Claims' Systems to the Cloud

The video talk about the Digital and Cognitive Benefits of Moving Core Claims' Systems to the Cloud.

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Japan Airlines onboards AI to change the customer travel experience

Japan Airlines has embarked on a mission to set a new standard for customer service: personalized travel recommendations based on customer information provided to the airline. The airline decided to…

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MediaWorld uses IBM Watson Campaign Automation to put customers first

MediaWorld, Italy’s largest consumer electronics retailer, needed to realign its marketing model to put customer data at the center of its campaigns. After implementing IBM Watson Campaign…

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Mehr Transparenz und weniger Unterbrechungen mit IBM Supply Chain Insights

IBM Supply Chain Insights kann Ihnen dabei helfen, Unterbrechungen mithilfe künstlicher Intelligenz zu vermeiden und die Gewissheit zu haben, künftig effektiver zu arbeiten.

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Weniger Komplexität bei B2B-Transaktionen mit dem IBM Supply Chain Business Network

In Unternehmensnetzwerken werden Tausende von Transaktionen durchgeführt. Die Notwendigkeit, die Lieferkette zu modernisieren und IT-Mitarbeiter zu entlasten, damit sie sich auf…

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Transformez vos données en actions avec Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Mettez les données à disposition de vos équipes pour des décisions plus éclairées avec Watson Customer Experience Analytics. Pour en savoir plus : …

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Watson Assistant for Marketing : Ceci n'est pas une démo

Watson Assistant pour le Marketing est un composant renforcé avec de l'IA présent dans de multiples solutions de Watson Marketing qui permet aux marketeurs d'analyser…

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La clave para mejorar la Experiencia de Cliente

En este webinar analizaremos las ventajas que ofrece Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), la solución de IBM que permite monitorizar los canales digitales y mejorar así la experiencia…

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Watson Campaign Automation – Demovideo (Vollversion)

IBM Watson Campaign Automation ist eine Hybrid-Cloud-Plattform, mit der Anbieter herausragende Kundenerlebnisse automatisieren können.

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