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Migrer les workloads VMware dans le Cloud avec IBM : Pourquoi? Comment?

Comment et pourquoi migrer dans le cloud, opter pour le cloud hybride, le multicloud…Mimoun Lakri, CTO IBM Cloud Public partage sa vision.

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Digital Transformation with IBM: APCO Revolutionizes 9-1-1 Response supported by Watson Analytics

The APCO IntelliCom solution is a 21st Century dispatching and telecommunicating software hosted in the IBM Cloud and supported by IBM Watson Analytics. With IBM, APCO revolutionizes its 9-1-1…

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How AutoAI opens up Data Science and increases uptake of AI

1 hour recorded webinar, presented by IBM technical specialist Stephen Groves, explaining AutoAI and how it can speed up Data Science and Machine Learning projects.

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Demo: Financial Planning and Analysis with IBM Planning Analytics

It's critical to be able to react in real time. With IBM Planning Analytics, you can. Watch this demo to learn how your finance team can boost speed, collaboration and agility with…

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Blockspeicher oder Dateispeicher

Näheres zu IBM Cloud-Blockspeicher: Näheres zu IBM Cloud-Dateispeicher: Weitere Informationen zu Block- und Dateispeicher finden Sie unter…

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Was ist SAP HANA?

IBM Cloud-Lösungen für SAP: diesem Lightboard-Video gibt Thomas Schrenk einen Überblick über SAP HANA, eine speicherinterne Datenbank, die um…

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Kubernetes und Docker: Kein Gegensatz, sondern Ergänzung

Entdecken Sie Ihre Möglichkeiten mit IBM for Cloud Native: Sehen Sie sich die Aufzeichnung des Webinars "The Containerization of Apps in Your Cloud" an:…

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IBM Application Security Services

IBM Application Security Services can transform DevOps and Security processes into DevSecOps and implement shift left software development practices to integrate security in all aspects of software…

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X-Force Red Penetration Testing: A Client's Story

IBM X-Force Red's penetration testing services enables organizations worldwide to find and fix their highest risk vulnerabilities. Using the same tools, techniques, practices and mindset as…

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Hybrid Cloud: Build Once and Deploy Anywhere with Cloud Native - Japanese

Find out more about building cloud native by reading our smartpaper: Adopt the cloud-native approach for building your applications. Building cloud native accelerates…

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Hybrid Cloud: Build, Modernize, and Manage Your Apps and Data - Japanese

Learn more about putting smart to work at: Businesses need to quickly respond to changing market and client demands. By adopting an open, hybrid cloud approach, you can…

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Hybrid Cloud: Optimize IT to Accelerate Digital Transformation - Japanese

Learn more about how to optimize IT by reading our smart paper: Technology sets the speed of your business. More than twice as many high-performing organizations have fully…

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Hybrid Cloud: Modernize Your Applications to Increase Agility - Japanese

Follow this phased approach to modernize your applications by reading our smartpaper: By 2023, 90% of current applications will still be in use, but most won’t be…

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Hybrid Cloud: Manage IT to Orchestrate and Simplify Multiple Clouds - Japanese

Find out more about managing IT and multicloud by reading our smartpaper: 67%. That’s how much more profitable the average enterprise becomes after deploying…

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Benefits Mentor with Watson Explainer | IBM Watson Health

For many employees, benefits enrollment can be stressful and unclear. They want to be sure they are making the best choice but are uncertain if they are doing so. Benefits Mentor with Watson…

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X-Force Red Labs

X-Force Red Labs are secure, state of the art, Security Testing facilities across the globe. They help identify and fix security vulnerabilities within Internet-of-things (IoT), industrial internet…

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