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William Kassler, Vaccine Management 2

Since we will still be in the throes of the pandemic in the next 6-12 months, William Kassler, IBM Chief Medical Officer, Government Health and Human Services, explains how its crucial for…

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2020年、新型コロナウイルスのパンデミックで打撃を受け、今もその影響を受けている企業は、アジリティーとレジリエンス(柔軟な危機耐性能力)の高い企業に生まれ変わるか、変化し続ける世界の中で取り残されるリスクを取るか、という厳しい選択を迫られています。その結果、多くの企業はビジネス変革戦略を大幅に加速させています。本セッションでは、IBM ServicesでSenior Vice…

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Data, Analytics, and AI Solution: Vaccine Delivery at Scale

Join Sunil Dube for an overview of how IBM experts are leveraging IBM products and technology to create a solution that can safely deliver the covid-19 vaccine to millions of people around the world.…

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Working and Staying Safe in the COVID-19 Era

The way we work is being re-imagined at every level—from where, to how, to what we do. To make informed decisions about your people, buildings and spaces you need the right data and insights.…

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ANTA Group partners with IBM to deliver high-quality retail experiences

To empower customers across China to find their perfect fit, ANTA Group is working with IBM® Services™ to shape personalized, high-quality retail experiences in store, online and on mobile,…

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PayPal giving fund and IBM empower philanthropy with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

When its on-premises system could no longer keep up with growth, PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) migrated its ERP platform to SAP S/4HANA® Cloud. Using a one-team, best practices approach, IBM and SAP…

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IBM et la COVID-19 Les affaires aujourd'hui

How IBM is helping the world operate during this time of uncertainty. From managing personal finances to staying connected, there's an IBM product.

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How Highmark Health is using data science to serve sepsis and COVID-19 patients

With 720,000 cases annually in the U.S., Sepsis isn’t just life threatening. It doubles as one of the country’s most expensive inpatient conditions, with a staggering mortality rate…

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IBM Disruption Recovery Insights Service for

We are seeing extreme volatility and new behavioral patterns due to evolving conditions imposed by COVID-19. IBM Services can support customers with predictive insights and signals, which…

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IBM e COVID-19: Segurança

IBM Security is helping people and businesses to move forward during the Covid-19 pandemic

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IBM e COVID-19: Respostas para hoje

IBM Watson is helping businesses to optimize the customer service, and organizitions to share relevant information during the Covid-19 pandemic.Type Default Text

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IBM e COVID-19: Negócios de hoje

IBM Cloud is helping businesses keep attending client's demands during Covid-19 pandemic.

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Return to Work Post-COVID: Applying Commercial Best Practices to DoD

This pandemic has created a shift in the way we work and one thing for certain, we will not be returning to business as usual. Coming out of full crisis mode requires revising our thinking about how…

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IBM & COVID-19: Today isn't a restart. It's a rethink.

As the world’s businesses begin to reopen, it's time for us to rethink how we move forward. Learn more at

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IBM & Covid19: Supply Chains Today

Today, essentials need to remain in stock. With IBM Cloud and IBM Watson, businesses are rethinking their supply chains for the long haul. Learn more at

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