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Scaling AI at Lufthansa

Lufthansa's partnership with IBM has helped the airline take a giant leap to scale AI by boosting its data science capabilities.

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IBM et COVID-19 : À la recherche de l’espoir

Aujourd’hui, le monde semble différent. Pour résoudre de nouveaux problèmes, nous devons penser différemment. Ensemble, en tant que collectivité, nous…

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La Trobe University + IBM: Journey to AI Audiogram

Journey to AI audiograms will be short quotes from clients, partners or analysts that reinforce the IBM supply chain point of voice or value proposition. They will be derivative assets created from…

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Arvind Anthem short version

Arvind Krishna interviews Anthem Health's Rajeev Ronanki in "The new essential technologies for business" at Think 2020

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Wunderman Thompson + IBM: Journey to AI Audiogram

It's seldom in my career that I've been just completely blown away. I've got to say the work with our team along with IBM in actually digging in and looking at this information and…

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Lufthansa + IBM: Journey to AI Audiogram

First of all, we wanted to test the Watson products with a real use case to understand how to make use of these technologies. So we started to use IBM Watson products, including Watson explorer,…

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IBM & COVID-19: Employees Today

Businesses need ways to support employees, no matter where they’re working from. Together with IBM Services, companies are designing new tools to keep people engaged, informed and…

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IBM & COVID-19: Security Today

As more work moves online, cyber criminals are working overtime. That’s why organizations of all kinds are working with IBM Security to help keep data secure. Learn more at…

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Workforce re-entry in a different normal

As we start to return to work, it is critically important to protect the impacted workforce in getting back to normal operations quickly and safely in this new abnormal time. In this webcast hear…

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Lending Workflow Automation

The Government sponsored COVID CAREs Act is putting pressure on banks to process unprecedented volumes of new loan applications from small business and to rapidly disburse funds to approved…

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Watson Care Manager: Community Connections and Care Management during COVID-19

Care begins by understanding the citizen. Watson Care Manager Offering Manager Liz Schnitter brings listeners though today's community needs and offers a phased approach for local governments…

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Watson Health HHS Analytics: Analytics to Support Crisis Response

Government agencies must be able to identify high risk populations; assess risk levels by geography, provider, beneficiary or other dimension; track the health of the high-risk population (both…

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Developers unite! Call for Code seeks COVID-19 solutions

Join the fight against COVID-19. Form a team. Build a solution. Submit your idea:

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Lady Gaga asks developers to take on COVID-19 through 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge

Join the global challenge:

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