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了解如何借助 Rational 的集成化通用工具链,快速有效地协同开发硬件和软件,从而降低风险、提升质量并获得开发下一代创新电子产品的能力。

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没有任何公司像医疗设备公司一样,需要在极端严格的合规和安全标准下开发极其复杂的创新产品。了解 IBM Rational 如何帮助医疗设备公司在严格的法规监督下开发智能的创新产品。

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Regulatory compliance with smarter medical devices

More than anyone, medical devices and electronics companies must compete to deliver the most complex innovations under the strictest compliance and safety standards. Hear how IBM Rational helps…

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Accelerate development with smarter hardware-software

Learn how to effectively and efficiently co develop hardware and software by adopting an integrated, common tool chain from Rational, reducing risk, improving quality, and delivering the innovation…

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