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Editing resource locations in bulk and using Cognos BI to report on capacity by location

Learn how to edit the locations of multiple resources at the same time and generate a "capacity by location" report in Cognos Analytics.

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IBM Cognos Analytics Overview

IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence for faster, more reliable data prep and reporting. Learn how Cognos can help you clean and connect your data, create visualizations, and show you…

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Cognos Analytics for Mobile

See how Cognos Analytics for Mobile can be used to quickly see how your business and organization is performing.

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Access Advanced Analytics on Cognos via Jupyter Notebooks

Close the gap between data science and business analytics, giving your data scientists the power to access IBM Cognos Analytics’ advanced features. This webinar will show you how IBM Cognos…

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IBM Cognos Exploration

Get a quick explanation and demo of Cognos Exploration and how to get insights in the many ways to view your data.

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Cognos for Cloud Pak for Data Modernization Upgrade

Learn more about an exclusive modernization upgrade offer for current Cognos Analytics clients. The offer includes new Cognos Analytics functionality when deployed through IBM Cloud Pak for Data,…

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Mueller + IBM: Capacitación de la fuerza laboral de una pequeña ciudad

Con la escalera de la IA, un marco de trabajo normativo que hemos desarrollado basándonos en miles de casos de IA, IBM puede ayudarle a determinar en qué punto se…

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Mueller und IBM: Weiterqualifizierung der Belegschaft in einem kleinen Ort

Mit der KI-Leiter, einem Leitansatz, den wir auf der Grundlage von Tausenden von KI-Engagements entwickelt haben, kann IBM Ihnen dabei helfen, festzustellen, wo Sie auf Ihrer KI-Reise stehen und…

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Mueller + IBM: specializzazione del personale di una piccola città

Con AI Ladder, un quadro prescrittivo che abbiamo sviluppato sulla base di migliaia di progetti di intelligenza artificiale, IBM può aiutarti a determinare dove ti trovi nel tuo viaggio verso…

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Daniel Hernandez talks about IBM Cognos Analytics

Daniel Hernandez, General Manager for Data and AI at IBM, discusses IBM Cognos Analytics. Learn more about IBM Cognos Analytics:

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The New IBM Cognos Analytics Mobile App

With the release of IBM Cognos 11.1.7, users now have the ability to access dashboards and receive alerts on data right from their mobile phones. The new mobile app delivers a new way to view your…

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AI를 향한 여정: 이 여름 페스티벌에서 만나는 아름다운 미래

덴마크 스칸데르보르그 뮤직 페스티벌인 Smukfest는 8월 둘째 주말에 너도밤나무 숲속에 자리한 매혹적인 생태 마을에서 개최됩니다. Smukfest는 덴마크에서 가장 유서 깊고 가장 사랑받는 여름 페스티벌인데, IBM의 AI 사다리를 보여줄 쇼케이스로 진화했습니다. Cloud Pak for Data와 Watson OpenScale을 이용해 페스티벌…

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Analytics Hero: Heather Gardner

Heather Gardner of Alliant Energy finds success using IBM Cognos Analytics and has become an Analytics Hero.

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Analytics Hero: Frances Fiorello

Frances Fiorello of the University of Florida uses IBM Cognos Analytics to become an Analytics Hero.

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