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이탈리아 국유철도 운영사 Trenitalia: DevOps 방법론을 통한 소프트웨어 품질 향상과 신제품 출시 시간 단축

이탈리아 국유철도 운영사 Trenitalia는 철도산업에서 독특한 포지션을 자랑하는 PICO란 이름의 영업 및 유통 플랫폼을 보유하고 있습니다. 고속 운송 환경에서 직면하는 경쟁력 강화, 시스템 고가용성 및 소프트웨어 품질 향상, 제품 출시 시기를 중시하는 기업 문화 변화 등의 목표를 달성하기 위해 2015년부터 DevOps 방법론을 도입하기…

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Modernizing Mainframe Data Management

This video explains the new technology and architecture for Db2 Tools. It consists of three parts: IBM Unified Management Server for z/OS (UMS), a Db2 Tools experience (in this release it is IBM…

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Grow Your Business with the Most Secure Public Cloud

Exploring the tactical, cultural and technology shifts to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty with highly available applications.

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Primerica의 클라우드 여정: IBM Garage를 통한 애플리케이션 현대화

미국 중부의 선도적인 금융 서비스 제공업체 Primerica는 중산층 미국이 개인적으로 재무적 필요성을 해결할 수 있는 보험 상품 판매를 통해 확고한 명성을 얻었습니다. 데이터 센터와 주요 워크로드는 메인 프레임 기반의 애플리케이션 중심으로 구성되었고, 클라우드 및 새로운 DevOps 방법론으로 기존 개발 및 IT 프로세스를 현대화하려는 요구사항이…

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A strange exchange: Jazz musician meets master inventor

What do a jazz musician and an IBM infrastructure expert have in common? They both rely on solid foundations that afford them the freedom to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing environment. This…

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions - Restore a VM using Veeam

Drew Kowlski Provides a walk through of a Veeam Restore on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

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BNSF Railway improves safety using IBM Services Platform with Watson

BNSF Railway Company reduced derailments and safety incidents in real time using data from sensors on trains and along tracks. BNSF, one of North America’s largest railroads, collects data…

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Build the next generation of your business in the public cloud

We invite you, to ride the second wave of cloud adoption -- the one in which you can finally migrate the applications that run your business to the public cloud. But, if you want to move your…

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Migrer les workloads VMware dans le Cloud avec IBM : Pourquoi? Comment?

Comment et pourquoi migrer dans le cloud, opter pour le cloud hybride, le multicloud…Mimoun Lakri, CTO IBM Cloud Public partage sa vision.

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Cognos Analytics Overview

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Passez à la vitesse supérieure avec les serveurs virtuels IBM Cloud

Les serveurs virtuels IBM Cloud sont la solution idéale pour vos charges de travail, que vous ayez besoin d'instances publiques dédiées ou de…

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Un nouveau benchmark de GPU par IBM Cloud avec MapD et Bitfusion

IBM Cloud, MapD et Bitfusion ont déployé 64 GPU K80 sur 32 serveurs pour filtrer, interroger et agréger un ensemble de données de 40 milliards de lignes…

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Les serveurs cloud Bare Metal d’IBM s’adaptent aux besoins des entreprises

Pour vos charges de travail, rien n’est plus important que votre puissance de calcul. Vos besoins peuvent évoluer rapidement, et si vous ne disposez pas de…

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IBM Services Multicloud Híbrida

A Multicloud Híbrida é o novo padrão. Três coisas que você precisa saber.

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IBM Services Multinube híbrida

La multinube híbrida es el estándar ahora. Aquí hay 3 cosas que debe saber.

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