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合规和安全 - 等保2.0时代保险企业的“双保险”线上论坛 随着网络安全等级保护技术2.0版本(简称等保2.0)的发布,保险行业企业渐次开启安全管理中心的建设,提升合规安全水准。而保险行业长久以来数据量巨大、管理相对分散、用户隐私保护及监管要求高,这些都对于保险行业的信息安全威胁管理及数据保护提出了严苛的挑战。 …

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Cloud Pak for Security Demo Video

A demo video of the IBM Cloud Pak for Security platform from a security analyst's point of view. Cloud Pak for Security streamlines threat management with one unified console and an intuitive…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Security

As more organizations begin to transition to the cloud, they are faced with daunting security challenges which often includes too many tools, too much data, and a growing skills gap to be able to…

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