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Digital transformation in healthcare miniseries. PART 2: Building data architecture, data sharing and transparency

As healthcare organisations build out and improve data strategy, key design principles to consider are focusing on actionable data, creating patient-centred data that's linked, and built on the…

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Digital transformation in healthcare miniseries. PART 4: Using AI to drive value from data sets

Artificial intelligence can augment the role of humans in the healthcare environment, helping to manage complexity and free up time, but it can also provide new opportunities for engaging with…

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Daimler + IBM: Mit Watson Assistant die Kundenerfahrung vorantreiben

Mercedes integriert KI von IBM Watson in die Kundenerfahrung und lässt das Autohandbuch links liegen. Beschleunigen Sie Ihren Weg zur KI:

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Daimler + IBM: Uso de Watson Assistant para mejorar la experiencia del cliente y más

Mercedes fomenta la experiencia del cliente con la IA desde IBM Watson y deja el manual del vehículo en la cuneta. Acelere su camino hacia la IA:…

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IBM Chat with Support for IBM i Products

IBM Chat with Support is a new way that Systems Support is using our Watson technology to help customers solve their issues with IBM i, IBM i on Cloud, WebSphere Application Server for IBM i, and DB2…

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UBank + IBM: Disrupting the banking industry with IBM Watson

Lee Hatton, CEO of UBank, explains how they are a disrupter in the banking industry; adapting Machine Learning and AI to make a difference. Their Robochat answers 50,000 questions, improving…

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UBank: improving customer experience with AI chatbot

UBank is the first online-only bank in Australia. It used IBM Cloud Garage to conceive and plan its smart assistant, RoboChat, the minimum viable product of which the bank implemented with Watson…

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Credible crisis communications demo

Watch our demo to find out the ways in which IBM is shaping the future of HR, helping clients with major talent transformations and and how to provide the best possible employee care. Learn how you…

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Daimler + IBM: Using Watson Assistant to advance the customer experience and beyond

Sabine Scheunert, Vice President Digital & IT Sales/Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler AG, and IBM Women Leader in AI honoree, explains how Mercedes infuses the client experience with AI from…

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eprimo : Using AI to augment the digital service experience for customers

Consumers leading a connected lifestyle expect instant service. If they don’t get it, they often switch to a competitor. This led eprimo GmbH, an energy discounter in Germany, to engage IBM…

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Finnair chooses IBM Watson AI to enable proactive decision making

Following the worldwide trend, today’s airline industry is becoming increasingly digital. Finnair chose the power of IBM Watson AI technology to accelerate its digital transformation and…

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Vodafone Czech improves its customer service with IBM Watson Assistant on the Cloud

Vodafone in the Czech Republic reduces call center inquiries and accelerates the customer support process when it deploys a customer service chatbot using IBM Watson Assistant on the Cloud. Read…

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Bestseller India harnesses the AI power of IBM Watson to predict fashion trends

The Bestseller brand offers more than fast fashion brands; it provides a fashion lifestyle. Keeping up with fashion in India means tracking trends that vary from region to region and even within…

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Code Pattern:创建一个投资管理聊天机器人

参考资源:Code Pattern【创建一个投资管理聊天机器人】 在这个 Code Pattern 中,将创建一个基于 Watson Conversation 的聊天机器人,使您能够使用 Investment Portfolio 服务查询投资组合和相关财产。您将使用 Simulated Instrument Analytics 服务在给定场景下对证券进行计算分析,并学习如何在标准 Web…

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IBM Watson Chatbot

By using the power of Watson solutions, we are transforming your support experience. Watson Chatbot provides a self-service option in an engaging chat experience.

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在 IBM Cloud 中构建聊天机器人-01

参考资源:TV【在 IBM Cloud 中构建聊天机器人,第 1 部分】 本视频展示了如何开始为古埃及法老拉美西斯二世创建 Royal Valet 聊天机器人。您将掌握一些基础知识并了解如何在开发聊天机器人后对其进行测试。

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