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IBM TechU 2020 dates and cities

IBM TechU is the premier technical training conference for IBM clients and Business Partners. Learn the skills, strategies and techniques you need to sustain growth and gain competitive…

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Amvara Consulting: Driving self-service for a premium car maker

Ralf Roeber, Managing director and Executive Partner at AMVARA Consulting, explains how IBM Cognos Analytics 11 allows their business team to easily understand data models and explore their sensor…

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Hilscher + IBM: Connecting companies with IoT and edge analytics

Patrice Favennec of Hilscher, an IBM business partner, shares why IBM Informix is their database of choice for industrial IoT and sensor data, reducing their storage by nearly 80%. Hear how Hilscher…

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Leveraging IBM Global Financing to help IBM Business Partners' clients optimize cash flow

Marie Beane, IBM Business Unit Executive, discusses with Bo Gebbie, Vice President of Sales at Evolving Solutions, how Evolving Solutions leverages IBM Global Financing to help overcome…

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IBM Blockchain Platform for Multicloud | Vertrax & Chateau Software Story

In an industry dominated by today’s gauge readings, last year’s consumption and next month’s weather, Vinny’s vision extends years into the future. And by driving innovation…

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Cognition Foundry: Helping startups tackle big challenges

Cognition Foundry specializes in using the latest technology to help startups—particularly those with a strong focus on social impact—change the world. When startup Plastic Bank had the…

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Plastic Bank: Enabling plastic recycling and financial inclusion with IBM Blockchain

Eighty percent of ocean plastic starts on land in developing countries. Plastic Bank's solution to stop ocean plastic also focuses on alleviating poverty by making plastic waste a currency.…

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Vascon Solutions uses IBM Watson to create a nation-wide emergency reporting system

Hoping to save lives and accelerate the dispatch of emergency response teams, IBM Business Partner Vascon Solutions developed a platform that standardizes the reporting process for citizens across…

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ThinkLABs helps workers breathe easier with IBM Watson

Using IBM Cloud and IBM Watson technology, IBM Business Partner ThinkLABs created an award-winning air monitoring system targeted for industrial sites. The solution uses remote sensors to actively…

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Zilker Technology helps build brand confidence with IBM Cloud.mp4

IBM Business Partner Zilker Technology developed a new offering that empowers brand owners of organic food products to better track quality and payments throughout their entire supply chain.…

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Kukac reinvents how students and employees learn with the power of IBM Watson

Recognizing a clear shift in the market as well as the rise of cognitive solutions, IBM Business Partner Kukac restructured its business, adjusting its focus from traditional IT services to those…

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Compta Emerging Business outsmarts wildfires and protects lives with IBM Watson

Combining IBM Watson technology and IBM Weather Channel data, IBM Business Partner Compta Emerging Business developed an award-winning wildfire detection solution that can proactively identify and…

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