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JBM partnered with IBM on Disaster Recovery On Cloud which spelt big savings

IBM implemented Disaster Recovery on Cloud which ensured business sustenance to the customers of JBM against any disaster. Read more: IBM helped JBM minimise losses from…

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Enhance IT resiliency and business continuity

Ciągłość biznesowa stała się nagle jednym z największych wyzwań dla przedsiębiorstw.

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Como a IBM pode ajudar os CIOs com seus desafios atuais

Como a IBM ajuda ao otimizar os recursos, mudar os requisitos do local de trabalho e gerenciar a tecnologia para oferecer continuidade de negócios

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Cómo IBM puede ayudar a los CIO con sus desafíos actuales

Cómo IBM ayuda optimizando los recursos para los cambiantes requisitos de los lugares de trabajo y cómo gestiona la tecnología para la continuidad de negocio

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IBM이 CIO의 당면 과제 해결에 도움을 주는 방법

변화하는 업무 환경 요건에 따라 리소스를 최적화하고 비즈니스 연속성 기술을 관리하는 데 있어 IBM의 특별한 이점을 알아보세요.

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Comment IBM peut aider les directeurs informatiques à faire face aux problèmes actuels

Comment IBM aide à optimiser les ressources face à l’évolution des besoins de l’environnement de travail et à gérer la technologie pour garantir…

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In che modo IBM può aiutare i CIO ad affrontare le sfide attuali

In che modo IBM aiuta ad ottimizzare le risorse per i requisiti dell'ambiente di lavoro che cambiano e a gestire la tecnologia per la business continuity

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Wie IBM IT-Verantwortlichen bei ihren aktuellen Herausforderungen unterstützen kann

Wie IBM bei der Optimierung von Ressourcen bei sich ändernden Arbeitsplatzanforderungen und bei der Verwaltung von Technologie für Business-Continuity helfen kann

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Playbook du DSI : Exemples réels d'intégration du data center et du cloud

Rejoignez-nous à l'occasion de ce webcast et découvrez comment en choisissant le bon partenaire en support IT, vous pouvez relever les 6 défis posés par…

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KB Kookmin Bank - Transforming into a Digital Enterprise

KB Kookmin Bank embarks on an enterprise-wide Digital Transformation to be the digital bank of choice for its customers. It collaborated with IBM to modernize processes to enhance productivity and…

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Cómo puede ayudar IBM a los CIOs en sus retos actuales

Cómo ayuda IBM a optimizar recursos para cambiar el requisito de cambio en el lugar de trabajo y gestionar la tecnología para la continuidad de negocio.

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Rapid recovery is critical to cyber resilience

Today, advanced malware can spread across an organization’s networks rapidly, crippling its entire IT infrastructure in hours or even minutes. IBM Cyber Resilience can help you maintain…

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Every second counts: Rapid recovery for finance

Business disruption due to a cyberattack can have a devastating impact on an organization. Such disruptions at financial services companies can have a wider impact, extending to the broader…

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IBM Resiliency Backup as a Service

IBM Backup as a Service provides secure, scalable cloud backup for your critical data. We help keep your critical business data available at all times according to the highest standards of…

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How it works: IBM Resiliency Orchestration Demo

Explore the capabilities and benefits of IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration including constant, intelligent monitoring and proactive action to achieve DR SLAs.

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