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North York General Hospital improves patient care with IBM Cognos Analytics

North York General Hospital is the first acute care hospital in Canada to be awarded with the HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence in 2016. IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 is helping the hospital empower its…

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Analytic Partners: Using weather data to help clients optimize marketing investements

Analytic Partners is using The Weather Company data to improve it's ability to customize and fine tune the analytics it provides to its customers, improving digital ROI 40%. Read more:…

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Smarter human resources with IBM business analytics

Tap a wealth of data to improve recruitment, staff development and retention. To learn more about predictive analytics and human resources, read the IBM white paper: And…

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How IBM Business Analytics Puts Answers in the Palm of Your Hands

It's been 11 years since it was declared that "data is the new oil." Many companies thought they would be further along on their analytics journey to become an insight-driven…

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Come far crescere il Data Driven Business con la Data Driven Experience webinar 27032018

Trasformare in valore il dato proveniente da fonti tradizionali o da IoT, wearable, droni, sensori, prodotti connessi. Questa è la Data Science. Dall'analisi predittiva…

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Webinar - Winning Big with DS&BA

On this call we will share the same compelling and exciting new information with our Business Partners, that we share with our IBM sellers.

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Analytics lifecyle and vision setting videos

Learn to share the power and compelling story of the Analytics Lifecycle with your clients and prospects.

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Business Analytic - WW Call - R8 release 1November2017

Video: Business Analytic - WW Call - R8 release 1November2017

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nViso uses real-time facial imaging to deliver deep insights into customer sentiment

Using its facial imaging technology, nViso captures and delivers deep insights into customer reactions to its clients' products, services and ads. Thanks to a sophisticated analytics solution at…

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Michigan State University uses IBM analytics to enable smarter fundraising

Michigan State University needed to find a smarter way to work with their Alumni and potential donors to gain insight into targeted opportunities. Watch how they enabled smarter fundraising and read…

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Infinity Insurance Company staking the claims process on predictive analytics

IBM helped Infinity Insurance transform the way agents handle and route claims, resulting in more satisfied customers. Read more: Predictive analytics is used to help Infinity…

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