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AAIS: Enabling regulatory compliance and increased data access using Blockchain

AAIS has partnered with IBM to create an open Blockchain network that streamlines regulatory reporting to provide new insights for insurers, while enhancing timeliness, accuracy, and value for…

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The Extra Mile: Golden State Foods Reimagines the Beef Supply Chain

The beef supply chain needs transparency. Golden State Foods (GSF) thinks a combination of blockchain, RFID, and IoT can provide it. In this episode of “The Extra Mile,” we travel to…

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Zilker Technology helps build brand confidence with IBM Cloud.mp4

IBM Business Partner Zilker Technology developed a new offering that empowers brand owners of organic food products to better track quality and payments throughout their entire supply chain.…

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IBM Trusted Identity: Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer is a common business process workflow used to identify and verify individuals or organizations. This process comes with a lot of manual verification which can be costly, time…

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Code Pattern: 使用区块链部署资产转移应用程序

参考资源:Code Pattern【使用区块链部署资产转移应用程序】

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Digital identity management: How much of your personal information do you control?

As an individual, you identify yourself in many ways. Your name, address, age, profession and more. Think of all the ways you identify yourself; just how much of your personal identifiable…

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07. Fabric 应用开发指南

开源技术 * IBM 微讲堂系列 【Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 LTS 系列】 的第 7 讲。基于 Fabric 开发应用,免不了与 Chaincode 和 SDK 打交道。本次讲座为大家带来 Fabric 开发最佳实践,分享 Chaincode 的编写指南,以及 SDK 的使用详解。

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Stronghold uses IBM Blockchain to empower the banking underserved

Stronghold is using IBM Blockchain technology to create a financial infrastructure for the unbanked population in remote areas. Instead of using local currency to conduct transactions, the…

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IBM Blockchain: Transforming trade finance – and trade

"We’re creating an ecosystem of trust for global trade,” says Magnus Montan, Head of Business Banking at Nordea, about, the trade finance network convened by IBM…

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Code Pattern: 在 Linux 大型机上运行区块链技术

参考资源:Code Pattern【在 Linux 大型机上运行区块链技术】 开源现已成为创建云原生软件的主流方法,大部分基于容器的创新的核心都是 Docker。了解现代开源、容器化的开发生态系统如何适应传统安全的、高性能的企业系统。

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06. Fabric MSP 与 CA

开源技术 * IBM 微讲堂系列 【Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 LTS 系列】 的第 6 讲。权限与认证对于联盟链来说必不可少。本讲从 MSP 和 Fabric CA 入手,为大家介绍 Fabric 中“许可”的实现细节和功能。

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IBM Blockchain – Value Visionaries – Guilda Javaheri, CTO, Golden State Foods

We asked top business and technical leaders to tell us their personal stories of bringing their blockchain vision to life. Here’s Guilda Javaheri, Chief Technology Officer of Golden State…

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Call For Code IBM 内部挑战决赛项目:Helpchain

参考资源:【区块链让慈善捐赠重拾信任】 Helpchain 是一款易于使用的移动应用程序,为世界各地的人们提供透明度,帮助灾难受害者。 Helpchain 使用各种 IBM Cloud 服务,包括 IBM Blockchain Platform。该应用程序可以跟踪所有相关方的交易,筹款和非政府组织支出审计。

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Kroger uses IBM Blockchain technology for farm to fork food traceability

For Kroger, one of the largest grocery retailers in the US, food recalls are quite costly because it often must pull unaffected product from the shelves. By implementing a Hyperleger blockchain with…

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05. Fabric Orderer 解析

开源技术 * IBM 微讲堂系列 【Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 LTS 系列】 的第 5 讲。 Orderer 是 Fabric 双层共识的重要组成部分。本讲深入 Fabric Orderer 这个模块内部,讲解 Orderer 扮演的主要角色,剖析 Orderer 的工作原理。

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Intelligent Connectivity with IoT and Blockchain featuring Jason Kelley & Mobeen Khan - Part 3 of 3

Data creates competitive advantage, yet massive volumes of information are still untapped. IoT and blockchain are bringing data visibility and trust to transactions and processes to drive…

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