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#ThinkIsrael - The Rise of Blockchain - Gabi Zodik, Director of Blockchain and IoT Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa

The Rise of Blockchain - Digital Health Passport is the future. Gabi Zodik, Director of Blockchain and IoT Platforms at IBM Research Haifa, explains how will it work to make our environments safe and…

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The Journey to AI with data, IoT and sustainability

Data and AI opening session at Nordic Cloud and AI Forum by IBM, covering Data and AI trends and new ways of doing business in these challenging times.

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Building the Cognitive Enterprise

The combined impact of AI, blockchain, automation, Internet of Things, 5G, and edge computing is reshaping standard business architectures. It’s time to build your Cognitive Enterprise. Join IT…

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#ThinkSpain - Entrevista a Nuria Sala, Directora de Proyectos, Conéctate Soluciones y Aplicaciones

Desarrollo de una plataforma que permite la monitorización y el control de las donaciones de sangre y productos sanguíneos.

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우리가 먹는 먹거리에 대해 얼마나 잘 알고 계십니까?

식품 산업의 혁신가와 영향력 있는 사람들이 함께 모여 식품 시스템을 보다 안전하고, 효율적이고, 지속 가능하게 만들고 있습니다. IBM Food Trust™를 통해 협업 블록체인 네트워크에 참여하시기 바랍니다.

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What is the Trust Your Supplier blockchain network?

Learn about the Trust Your Supplier blockchain network, established by Chainyard in collaboration with IBM. The network uses blockchain technology to improve the tedious process of supplier…

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What is BlockpARTy? Where art and efficiency meet

Don’t miss the BlockpARTy 2020 series finale. Episode 05 premieres October 14, 2020. Save your seat now! Ninety percent of all goods move along international shipping routes. Throughout those…

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Can blockchain pave the way for ethical cobalt?(日本語字幕入り)

While many companies source their cobalt from safer, large-scale industrial mines, there’s currently no surefire way for companies to prove that to customers, since cobalt, when smelted, is…

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Call for Code 2020: BlockMap

参考资源:【Call For Code 2020 最佳解决方案】

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What is BlockpARTy? Where art and smarter food supply meet

What if we could see and trust the full story of our food — from seed in the ground to servings on our table? Where did it come from? Who transported it along the way? How fresh is it? And if…

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Global Aid Match System

参考资源:【2019 最佳解决方案】

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Alpha 应用

参考资源:【2019 最佳解决方案】

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Blockchain use case | BrightFarms boosts food safety with blockchain technology

Indoor produce grower BrightFarms uses IBM Food Trust, built on blockchain technology, to track their product from pallet to grocery store shelves. Hear from Jackie Hawkins, BrightFarms head of food…

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Syniverse: 블록체인과 IBM Garage가 만든 새로운 로밍 서비스 연계 및 비용 정산

Syniverse는 세계 최대 규모의 모바일 네트워크를 구축했으며, 5G 시대에 발맞춰 로밍 요금 처리를 위한 블록체인 솔루션 도입을 고민하고 있었습니다. IBM 블록체인 전문가와 검증된 IBM Garage 방법론을 통해 Syniverse와 IBM이 어떻게 성공적으로 PoC를 수행했는지 확인하시기 바랍니다. IBM Garage를 통해 스타트업처럼 빨리…

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Farmer Connect + IBM(日本語字幕入り)

Learn how Farmer Connect and IBM Food Trust are connecting coffee growers and consumers with blockchain.

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NuArca e IBM Cloud ayudan a Fin Tech para mantener la distancia social, durante Covid19

En el transcurso del 2020 NuArca trabajó de manera ágil durante la pandemia, para ayudar al mercado financiero dominante de Chile, la Bolsa de Santiago, al aplicar el distanciamiento…

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