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72 Hours of Blockchain

Livestreaming THINK event - streaming on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch to promote Blockchain at the 2018 THINK Conference.

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Activating IBM Watson in .NET Applications with Apprenda

Tap into the entire IBM Cloud service catalog including IBM Watson blockchain data and industry services without leaving your IDE including Microsoft Visual Studio. Create deploy and manage…

From  Russ Ain A month ago 3 views

Blockchain, the Internet of Things and Cognitive Analytics: Transforming the supply chain

Blockchain, Cognitive Analytics and the Internet of Things are a force for change in the supply chain. Watch the webcast to learn more.

From  Sonja Moore 8 Months ago 75 views

CDC: Leveraging innovative technologies to improve the health of the American people

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leverages IBM Blockchain technology to create an encrypted ledger that collects Electronic Health Records (EHR), without compromising on data security…

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Energy Blockchain Labs: facilitating carbon reduction with IBM Blockchain

Energy Blockchain Labs works with IBM to create a general distributed energy ledger, using IBM Blockchain technology to address the global challenge of climate change. Read more:…

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FreshTurf disrupts the logistics industry in Singapore with IBM Blockchain

To better take advantage of a system of delivery lockers and simplify package delivery for residents in Singapore, FreshTurf creates a logistics solution using IBM Blockchain on Bluemix technology.…

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Gliding Eagle uses IBM solutions to create a transparent system that tracks the journey of product from producer to consumer

Gliding Eagle uses systems and data to solve global trade problems by tracking the journey of a product from the producer to the end-consumer across the globe, ensuring its authenticity and enabling…

From  Neera Bose 11 Months ago 743 views

IBM Cloud and Blockchain Solutions: A partnership between Darwin Ecosystems and Not Rocket Science

IBM Business Partners Darwin Ecosystems and Not Rocket Science transform the maritime shipping industry with an open ledger transaction system using IBM Cloud and Blockchain. In this open ledger…

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IBM Think Academy : La BlockChain et son fonctionnement

Il s’agit d’une vidéo d’IBM Think Academy sur YouTube : La Blockchain et son fonctionnement.

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IBM WFS Commercial Payment Solutions helps deliver secure and fast services meeting GDPR requirements

Looking to grow, transaction management service provider 'The European Business Process Institute (EBPI)' wanted to launch a new SWIFT Payment Bureau service. With existing systems…

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Mahindra Group unlocks the disruptive potential of IBM Blockchain technology

Working closely with IBM staff in Bangalore, India, Mahindra Group creates a solution based on IBM Blockchain technology in just three months to more easily discount invoices between the Mahindra…

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Northern Trust Corp. simplifies private equity management with IBM Blockchain

Working closely with IBM, Northern Trust Corp. uses IBM Blockchain technology to simplify the processes for managing private equity funds. The business used agile methods to move from concept to…

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Opentopic: Helping the financial industry unlock the value of data with blockchain and AI

OpenTopic creates Sia, a digital assistant powered by IBM Watson and Blockchain, that can help financial companies transform mountains of data into actionable insights "What we are able to do…

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Partnering with IBM, DLT Labs deliver Blockchain solutions across the globe

Wanting to help its customers find a solution to their challenges surrounding the reliability and usability of corporate data, IBM Business Partner DLT Labs delivers services supported by IBM…

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SecureKey innovates consumer identity protection with IBM Blockchain technology

Seeking to create a new type of identity management solution, SecureKey uses IBM Blockchain to create an app that allows consumers to easily share trusted credentials with the organizations of their…

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WaterBot Uses Cognitive solutions from IBM to deploy a Smart Water Quality Management Grid

WaterBot plans to build a Smarter City Management grid with an early warning detection system that can forecast changes and can diagnose any leaks up-front to ensure efficient water management. …

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