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E-Mobility for All with Volkswagen Sachsen and IBM

E-Mobility heralds a new environmentally conscious era for the automotive industry. To ensure that manufacturing is fully profitable and eco-friendly, Volkswagen Sachsen worked with IBM Services to…

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Vinturas: Redefining the automobile customer journey with IBM Blockchain

In Europe, it’s increasingly common for people to custom order cars from manufacturers, and customers are coming to expect an Amazon-like tracking ability for their new cars. Vinturas used the…

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2019 IAA Conference - Discussion with IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Ola Källenius, Daimler AG CEO

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty gave the opening keynote at the IAA event on September 11. She was then joined onstage by Daimler CEO, Ola Källenius, for a 25-minute discussion.

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2019 IAA Conference in Frankfurt - Opening Remarks by Ginni Rometty

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty discusses the opportunity and challenges of the new era of mobility.

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Harley-Davidson LiveWire™: redefining riding with IBM Cloud

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire™ is the first ever electric motorcycle by the legendary motorcycle maker. Together with IBM Services and IBM Cloud, Harley-Davidson created H-D Connect™ app,…

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Honda Cars India improves customer connection and services with IoT and cloud

Honda Cars India knew it needed to sustain and evolve its business simultaneously through a deeper understanding of real customers’ needs, supported by a robust customer management platform. It…

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Honda R&D revolutionizes automobile development using IBM Watson

Because of the complexity of today’s vehicles, many design problems that occur early in the development process don’t become apparent until the latter stages. This results in many costly…

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Local Motors 引领认知型自动驾驶车辆的未来

来自客户的声音:Local Motors 引领认知型自动驾驶车辆的未来

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Volvo Group - Achieving better processes with predictive maintenance

The growing business need for predictive maintenance to fulfill the uptime commitments on Volvo Group trucks led to the decision to invest in a new predictive analytics platform using IBM SPSS, to…

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Local Motors steers the future of cognitive, self-driving vehicles

Local Motors develops their vehicle concepts through co-creation, which is the crowd sourcing of ideas and design concepts. They set the goal of crowdsourcing an accessible, self-driving vehicle…

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Develop at the speed of hybrid cloud

For more information, visit IBM z Systems on the web at: Everyone knows the car buying experience can be a nuisance – and despite the number of “digital”…

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ZF Friedrichshafen AG: Revolutionizing the automotive industry with Blockchain

Car eWallet uses IBM Blockchain platform to create a single token-based payment system that automates and consolidates all the transactions conducted by the drivers "IBM Blockchain platform is…

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The 3 C’s of Success for Connected Vehicles

Though connected vehicles are now abundant in most markets, they have not yet become an indispensable staple in consumers’ lives. A number of improved features are needed to compel car…

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Delphi Automotive efficiently integrates internal and external systems globally

Delphi Automotive migrates its massive integration portfolio, including an SAP system through which 80% of its business runs, to an IBM integration platform, providing immediate business stability…

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Mahindra Group unlocks the disruptive potential of IBM Blockchain technology

Working closely with IBM staff in Bangalore, India, Mahindra Group creates a solution based on IBM Blockchain technology in just three months to more easily discount invoices between the Mahindra…

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Honda Automotive R&D center improves its R&D and operations

There are surging data mining demands in a lot of areas within Honda, however, these were not enough for LOB executives to decide to use analytics in their real-world operations, for cost reduction,…

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