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Wunderman Thompson + IMB : améliorer l’apprentissage profond grâce aux données et à l’IA

Le géant de la publicité, Wunderman Thompson, explique comment il utilise le Machine Learning pour mieux connaître les comportements humains et obtenir…

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Wunderman Thompson und IBM: Besseres maschinelles Lernen mit Daten und KI

Daten haben die Kapitalrendite für die Kunden verbessert, die eine skalierbare, effiziente ML-Pipeline verwenden, um umfangreiche Vorhersagen zu steuern.

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Wunderman Thompson + IBM: elevazione del machine learning con dati e AI

I dati hanno aumentato il ROI dei clienti, grazie a una pipeline ML scalabile ed efficiente in grado di portare a previsioni di volume elevato.

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Wunderman Thompson + IBM: potenciación del Machine Learning con IA y datos

Rentabilidad de la inversión aumentada con datos para sus clientes que utiliza una canalización ML eficiente y escalable para dirigir predicciones de alto volumen.

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IBM 데이터 사이언스로 AI 라이프사이클 관리 자동화

조직은 모든 클라우드에서 규모에 상관없이 AI 모델의 프로덕션을 가속화해야 합니다. IBM은 AI 라이프사이클을 엔드투엔드로 자동화하고 신뢰와 투명성을 바탕으로 하는 데이터 및 AI 통합 플랫폼을 통해 이를 가능하게 합니다.

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IBM 데이터 사이언스 비디오 시리즈 4편: IBM Cloud Pak for Data로 AI 현대화

기업은 클라우드 전반에 걸쳐 AI 모델의 프로덕션을 가속화해야 합니다. IBM Cloud Pak for Data는 오픈 소스 프레임워크를 기반으로 구축된 통합 데이터 및 AI 플랫폼으로, AI 라이프사이클을 처음부터 끝까지 자동화합니다.

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Think 2020: Wunderman Thompson Uses IBM AutoAI to Identify New Prospects and Gain Deeper Human Insight at Scale

Wendy Want, DBS, Yin Chen and Greg Filla talk about how Wunderman Thompson uses IBM AutoAI to indentify new prospects and gain deeper human insight at scale, leveraging CloudPak for Data and AutoAI…

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How AutoAI opens up Data Science and increases uptake of AI

1 hour recorded webinar, presented by IBM technical specialist Stephen Groves, explaining AutoAI and how it can speed up Data Science and Machine Learning projects.

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Automate AI lifecycle management with IBM Data Science

Organizations need to drive the production use of AI models at scale, across any cloud. IBM enables this with a unified data and AI platform, built on open source frameworks, that automates the AI…

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Run a sample AutoAI experiment

This video shows you how to run an AutoAI experiment based on a sample, and create a Watson Machine Learning Model in Watson Studio. Find more videos in the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service…

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Predict the effect of future sales promotion using AutoAI capabilities within IBM Watson Studio

In this video, we show the use of IBM Auto AI capabilities to build machine learning model and predict the effects of future sales promotions based on the machine learning model.

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Using AutoAI to predict house prices

This video shows the use of a regression algorithm in AutoAI, used to predict house prices. It walks the viewer through an example of its use all the way to saving the best model.

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Introduction to AutoAI Experiment

Overview of the capabilities of AutoAI from analyzing the input data, to model creation including feature engineering and hyper-parameters tuning, to deployment and scoring

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