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Reinventing the Contact Centre -How AI enhances experiences during turbulent times

IBM will talk about recent real-world experience in Financial Services where virtual assistants have been designed and deployed in days to reduce call handling-times, decrease customer queues. This…

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Knowis: Db2 on Cloud로 소규모 은행까지 비즈니스 영역 확대

Knowis의 부사장 Christian Sternkopf는 IBM Db2가 온프레미스와 클라우드에서 배포 장벽을 넘어, 어떻게 새로운 시장 개척에 도움을 주었는지에 대해 이야기합니다.

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Call for Code 2020: TheHeroLoop

参考资源:【Call For Code 2020 最佳解决方案】

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Enabling Architectures with Sunil Dube

Sunil Dube, an IBM distinguished engineer, discusses how you can use enabling architectures to expedite the transformation your business into a digital business. Explore the IBM Cloud Architecture…

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Nouvelle Mode

Va-t-on vers un modèle plus responsable ? Découvrez comment l'intelligence artificielle et les nouvelles technologies ouvrent la voie à une mode plus éthique…

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IBM & COVID-19: Answers Today

Today, people have questions. So IBM Watson is helping businesses and governments manage an influx of calls, texts and chats to quickly give them answers. Learn more at

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Start a conversation with your consumers

Discover how IBM Watson Ads helps enable your brand to make 1:1 engagements, drive actions, and gain insights from your consumers at scale.

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Experian + IBM: advancing AI with IBM's Data Science Elite

The IBM Data Science Elite team had a simple mission: apply AI to learn what Experian has done over the years building corporate hierarchies and then apply that to the full universe of companies that…

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Watson Natural Language Understanding Service 概览

参考资源:【Watson 自然语言处理简介】

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Digital transformation in healthcare miniseries. PART 6: Cybersecurity in a complex healthcare IT estate

The IT estate for a typical healthcare organisation is not simple. They can often be operating on hundreds of complex systems, including legacy systems, which can hold sensitive, personal and often…

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The Climate Service + IBM: Trotz unerwarteter Ereignisse Ergebnisse zu erzielen

The Climate Service (TCS) hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, dass Klimadaten in finanzielle Entscheidungen miteinbezogen werden. Zusammen mit dem Team der IBM Garage arbeitet TCS daran, wie durch…

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AI、IoTを活用した強固な事業構築AIやIoTデータを活用して資産パフォーマンスを最適化し、生産性を向上させ、変化の激しい状況に素早く適応します。Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights and expertise. 詳しくはこちら:…

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Aufbau zuverlässiger Geschäftsabläufe mit künstlicher Intelligenz, Erkenntnissen und Fachwissen

Ein smartes Unternehmen stellt die Zuverlässigkeit kritischer Anlagen und die Anpassungsfähigkeit seiner Abläufe sicher, damit die Kontinuität des Geschäfts…

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Développer des activités business résilientes grâce à l'intelligence, l'analyse et l'expertise

Une entreprise plus intelligente garantit la fiabilité des actifs critiques et la souplesse des opérations pour garantir la continuité des activités. Découvrez…

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Infusing AI across IT Operations in 2 minutes

AI is shaping the future of IT Operations. Watch Sai Vennam explain, at a high level, three ways to infuse AI into your IT operations with IBM management solutions.

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使用 TensorFlow.js 编写深度学习模型的代码

参考资源:【使用 TensorFlow.js 编写深度学习模型的代码】

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