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Soutenir la résilience grâce à l'automatisation et l'IA

Pourquoi avez-vous besoin de l'extrême automatisation tout de suite? Les entreprises font face à de nouveaux défis et doivent changer leur façon de travailler. Les…

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Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

What benefits does artificial intelligence (AI) present for cybersecurity? AI's capability to analyze massive quantities of data with lightning speed means security threats can be detected in…

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Integrate images for easier analysis to the AI Journey (COVID-19 Use Case)

IBM Spectrum Discover is a next-generation metadata management solution that delivers exceptional performance at exabyte scale, so organizations can harness value from massive amounts of unstructured…

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Affidati all'automazione per creare un business agile e resiliente

Le aziende che si affidano al l'automazione e integrano flussi di lavoro intelligenti possono rivolgere la loro attenzione al lavoro che conta davvero

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IBM Watson AIOPs¿Cómo optimizar todos nuestros recursos para mejorar nuestra eficiencia?

Watson AIOps ayuda a resolver problemas de TI complejos de forma rápida para minimizar las interrupciones del servicio y evitar paradas

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Make Time for Brilliance with AI-Powered Automation

AI-Powered Automation helps you explore and understand the inner workings of your business so you can free up time to innovate, create and grow -- and to focus on what matters most to your company…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scalability for a Decade 05122020

What is massive data management and how does one prepare for it? Rates of growth for Big Data for AI can accelerate as organizations master and expand their AI, machine learning, and deep learning…

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Novate Solutions customer story

Novate Solutions share their experience on leveraging the AI in Maximo Monitor to develop a revolutionary approach to help their own clients improve process reliability. Schedule a consultation.

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Qantas' earliest days of flight comes to life with AI

Using AI in a hybrid cloud, IBM is helping Qantas to bring colour to history. Reduce risk on your AI journey

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KKB Kredi Kayıt Bürosu Client Innovation - Accelerate AIOps on IBM Z to improve resiliency

Today’s application landscapes are increasingly hybrid, complex, and often include IBM Z. With limited staff, how do you effectively sift through terabytes of data in real-time to…

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Demo: IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS overview and demo

Critical enterprise applications often run on IBM Z and can generate the majority of an organizations high-value data. This session will introduce you to Watson Machine Learning for z/OS, an…

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Webinar: Machine Learning Simplified for Insurance - Effectively use AI and ML throughout the business value chain

Watch this webinar to understand how the winning combination of H2O Driverless AI and IBM Power Systems can deliver an automatic ML platform that gives you the power to transform your business in…

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AI で変わるカスタマー・エクスペリエンス

カスタマー・エクスペリエンス市場は2022年までに641億ドルの価値があると予想されており、より良いエクスペリエンス・イニシアチブに投資することで、わずか36か月で収益が2倍になる可能性があります。ビジネスのカスタマー・エクスペリエンス向上イニシアチブにどのように投資していますか? IBM Cognitive Careがお手伝いします。

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Cognitive computing concepts

Discover what is cognitive computing and how basic concepts like Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data fit together.

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UBank: melhorando a experiência de cliente com o chatbot de IA - LA - BR-PT

UBank é o primeiro banco exclusivamente on-line da Austrália. Ele usou o IBM Cloud Garage para conceber e planejar seu assistente inteligente, o RoboChat, o produto mínimo…

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构建用于将 WhatsApp 连接到 Watson 服务的框架

参考资源:Code Pattern【构建用于将 WhatsApp 连接到 Watson 服务的框架】

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