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Think 2019 5-Min Highlight: Main Session (6497)

This is a 5 minute edit of Session #6497 - our main session at Think featuring our general manager Mark Slaga, CTO Ann Corraeo, Whirlpool and Ogilvy Theme was their SAP Cloud migration and how IBM…

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Think 2019 5-Minute Highlight: Client Panel (2158)

5-Minute Highlight of Managed Apps Think session 2158 - client panel featuring Whirlpool, Ogilvy, and StarKist. Main discussion was cloud journey and role played by IBM Services for Managed…

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Managing ERP applications in a Multicloud Environment

Short video outlining the benefits offered by IBM Services for Managed Applications for managing multilcloud application environments.

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Ogilvy + IBM Services Case Study

See how #Ogilvy, a leading advertising agency, is using a managed SAP solution on #IBMCloud to improve user experience, save costs, and help grow their business.

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Imagine everything you can do with .NET workloads on IBM Cloud

With Apprenda and IBM Cloud your .NET applications are automatically cloud-enabled without an API refactoring or re-architecting. Apprenda adds cloud characteristics and tooling to apps-elasticity…

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PubNub: Helping the developer community by partnering with IBM

Todd Greene PubNub CEO talks about the strength and advantages of partnering with IBM. PubNub is Data Stream Network allows companies to connect their data streams to multiple services and…

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Get started with Bluemix .NET

IBM Bluemix Catalog ACP: The Apprenda Developers Portal: The Apprenda Account Portal:…

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ClearDB on Bluemix: Spin up MySQL databases fast Part 2

Michael Russo ClearDB Product Manager talks about the advantages and strength of their IBM relationship. With just a few clicks and a little code Michael shows how you can spin up MySQL servers in…

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Mendix on IBM Cloud: Build enterprise-level apps, no coding required

Mendix’s Martijn van Lieshout, Senior Director of Product Marketing, discusses the unique value their service brings to IBM Cloud. Mendix is essentially a platform within a platform and enables…

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Tata Consultancy Services facilitates innovation with IBM Cloud PaaS solutions

IBM Business Partner Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. helps companies accelerate development by helping them implement the IBM Cloud (formerly known as IBM Bluemix) platform as a service. Read more:…

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French Social Business Applications Webinar replay

Now Available in French from the IBM Collaboration Services team! See the replay of our webinar on Social Business Applications that enhance and extend your IBM Connections social platform. More…

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