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Hybrid Cloud: Modernize Your Applications to Increase Agility - French

Follow this phased approach to modernize your applications by reading our smartpaper: By 2023, 90% of current applications will still be in use, but most won’t be…

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Ross Mauri and Ray Wang discuss IBM z15 in the hybrid cloud world

Businesses are transforming and counting on hybrid multicloud to take them into the future. The new IBM z15 is built for today’s cloud world. The new system is designed for the highest data…

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Intro to IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

In this video, Simon J Kofkin-Hansen with IBM Cloud provides an overview of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and explains how these solutions provide a highly secure and enterprise grade cloud that…

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Application Modernization: Three Transformations at Once

In this video, Eric Minick discusses application modernization and three transformations that are happening at the same time in architecture, infrastructure and delivery.

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How to execute large scale application modernization

Application modernization doesn’t happen with a wave of a magic wand. There are many factors to consider. Financial services institutions (FSIs) especially have operated for so long with…

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The Saudi Investment Bank modernizes applications using IBM Hybrid Cloud software

One of the leading banks in Saudi Arabia, The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) uses several solutions from the IBM Hybrid Cloud portfolio to facilitate easier integrations with partners and deliver new…

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Modernizing applications with IBM Hybrid Cloud technology

Leading organizations across industries and around the globe are modernizing their application environments using IBM Hybrid Cloud solutions. As a result, they are realizing hidden business…

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Ilmarinen modernizes applications and accelerates change using IBM Cloud Private

To improve agility, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Co. containerized application development and implemented the IBM Cloud Private solution as a single, secure, cloud-connected application…

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