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Fleetpride & Cresco International transform supply chain management with IBM analytics

If a farmer’s tractor breaks down during harvest or a courier’s van has engine issues, they can’t afford to wait long for spare parts to arrive—they’ve got a job to …

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创建一个基于 Watson Discovery 和 Watson Knowledge Studio 的 Node.js web 应用


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IBM Watson Studio. KI-Projekte in einer Multi-Cloud-Welt: einfach und skalierbar

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihre KI-Projekte auf Watson Studio vereinfachen und skalieren können.

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Watson em qualquer lugar: Aplique AI aos seus dados, onde quer que estejam hospedados em todas as nuvens

Com a AI aberta, as empresas agora têm a flexibilidade que necessitam para dimensionar a AI rapidamente com menos riscos

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ICBC Argentina defines the business of digital with Watson and Cloud

Advances in digital services and personalized banking experiences create a challenge for established banks such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A. (ICBC Argentina).…

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IBM Planning Analytics_ Highlights from the BARC Planning Survey

IBM Planning Analytics_ Highlights from the BARC Planning Survey

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IBM Planning Analytics Overview

IBM Planning Analytics Overview

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Anthem + IBM Services: Delivering better insights for better health

Starting its digital transformation, Anthem migrated to cloud to modernize its infrastructure and invested in AI to automate core processes and use predictive analytics to build more personal and…

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ExxonMobil + IBM Cloud: Transforming the customer experience at the pump

Building on a long track record of service innovation, ExxonMobil engaged an IBM® iX® team to help design and launch SpeedPass+, the industry’s first smartphone app for digital payment…

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How does IBM help players perform?

At Wimbledon, IBM provides data to the coaches and players within 20 minutes of coming off court, so they can analyse their own performance.

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Why does Wimbledon need data scientists?

IBM data scientists at Wimbledon use the latest technologies to help break stories informed and driven by data and analytics.

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Chemonics delivers $742.6 million in life-saving products with a smarter supply chain

As part of its global efforts to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives, Chemonics received a $10 billion, multi-year contract from USAID to deliver life-saving…

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IBM Planning Analytics汽车行业应用案例


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