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Code Pattern:从数据记录中获得架构类型

参考资源:Code Pattern【从数据记录中获得架构类型】 使用 Watson 服务和 Jupyter Notebook 在您的记录中查找有意义的架构类型,并根据这组架构类型对新记录进行分类。

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 功能演示

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 功能演示

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IBM Presents: Transforming a legacy energy business with data and AI

How does a legacy energy company that relies on Peat - one of the word’s most carbon intensive fuel sources – transition to meet Finland’s aggressive C02 elimination standards by…

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Amvara Consulting: Driving self-service for a premium car maker

Ralf Roeber, Managing director and Executive Partner at AMVARA Consulting, explains how IBM Cognos Analytics 11 allows their business team to easily understand data models and explore their sensor…

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Ancestry: Makes planning on the IBM Cloud part of their DNA

Curtis Tripoli, VP Financial Planning and Analysis, talks about using IBM Analytics and Planning Analytics to scale their growth and manage complexity as they partnered with Data41 for…

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Finnair chooses IBM Watson AI to enable proactive decision making

Following the worldwide trend, today’s airline industry is becoming increasingly digital. Finnair chose the power of IBM Watson AI technology to accelerate its digital transformation and…

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Anthem + IBM Services: Delivering better insights for better health - Simplified Chinese

Learn how Anthem was able to modernize its infrastructure, automate core processes and build better relationships using predictive analytics

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Montage International: Expands luxury properties with IBM and Draca Solutions

Ali Aksoy, Director, Enterprise Systems at Montage International, shares how Montage is rapidly expanding with help from IBM and Draca Solutions which is making solutions such as Planning Analytics…

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North York General Hospital: Improving patient care with IBM Analytics

Ontario's North York General Hospital uses visualization and modeling help to better the patient ER experience. Using modeling, they more efficiently plan their resources, create awareness and…

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Continuous Intelligence in the Insurance Industry

Cathy Reese, Senior Partner in IBM Advanced Analytics, speaks with RTInsights analyst Adrian Bowles on how continuous intelligence impacts the insurance industry and the benefits of having a flexible…

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IBM Cognos Analytics helps North York General Hospital understand community needs

Responding to pressure in the healthcare system to create local communities of care, North York General Hospital (NYGH) in Toronto is working with partners across primary care, long-term care, home…

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Why Watson Studio is great for data scientists and for business leaders

This recorded webinar shows how IBM Watson Studio can satisfy the ever-evolving needs of business leaders and data science leaders.

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ExxonMobil + IBM Cloud: Transforming the customer experience at the pump - French

Building on a long track record of service innovation, ExxonMobil engaged an IBM® iX® team to help design and launch SpeedPass+, the industry’s first smartphone app for digital payment…

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North York General Hospital improves patient care with IBM Cognos Analytics

North York General Hospital is the first acute care hospital in Canada to be awarded with the HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence in 2016. IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 is helping the hospital empower its…

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在应用程序中注入 AI

参考资源:【在应用程序中注入 AI】

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