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#77 Lucas Oil SilverHook: Partnering with IBM helps power a Great Race podium finish

One of the world’s fastest ocean racing powerboats takes second place in the challenging Trinidad & Tobago Great Race with an assist from some 100 sensors and analytics powered by the IBM…

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A webinar sharing how AI Infrastructure is supporting growth at the University of Birmingham.

Hear from University of Birmingham about how they get faster insights from their data and rapid expansion with AI infrastructure.

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AI helps Lufthansa Connect to New Insights for Happier Customers

Lufthansa Group applies IBM Watson technology to analyze data about previous customer service engagements for insights that help agents answer current inquiries. “For Lufthansa, AI is so…

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Mobilizing asset management to improve efficiency

Airport customers are demanding more flexibility, service and comfort. Achieving less delays can be attained with corrective and predictive maintenance, using Watson IoT, to identify and service…

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Assima powers more efficient, effective training leveraging IBM Watson Technology

IBM Business Partner Assima updated its education platform with IBM Watson technology to make in-context, real-time training recommendations to end users based on the task at hand. At the same time,…

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Atrium Health: Transforming decision making through data governance and analytics

A not-for-profit healthcare organization gains a deeper, more wholistic understanding of its data by using IBM Infosphere tools, the IBM Cloud and other IBM solutions for data governance and master…

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Centiment: Enhancing a Brand's Emotional Intelligence with AI + Neurodata

Centiment helps marketers and advertisers use emotional and artificial intelligence to better understand how to position a brand. "We’ve combined our own neurodata sentiment tools with…

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cognitiveCX: Using AI and machine learning to understand customer sentiment, nuance and context

cognitiveCX develops an AI-driven customer experience analytics service that helps customers tap into its unstructured data and derive meaningful insights. "When we started working with the…

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Command IBM's Watson as your personal Star Trek A.I.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is taking its virtual environment to a whole new level - and allowing a single-player experience at the same time! IBMs famous AI Watson is making its way to the game as the…

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CrushBank: Using machine learning to transform IT support

CrushBank partners with IBM to develop a cloud-based support application that uses the IBM Watson Rank and Retrieve service. This application enables the help desk personnel to quickly find the most…

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Darwin Ecosystem: Helping organizations crawl, walk then run with AI

Darwin Ecosystem leverages IBM Watson and Cloud platforms to help clients across a diverse range of industries. "We build solutions that augment the AI services that are provided by IBM Watson…

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Deconstructing AI_Think18

This Think 2018 session shows how a combination of next-gen hardware focused on widening I/O bottlenecks and accelerating across the stack, along with deep learning software focused on flattening…

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Dimensions Recovery: Partnering with IBM to address addiction, relapse and payer needs

Dimensions Recovery uses IBM Watson to evaluate its client records and recommend the course of treatment. They also use the Watson service for record keeping and outcome tracking that helps health…

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Elinar + IBM Power Systems| Bringing AI to the enterprise

Elinar uses PowerAI to identify and understand unstructured data to gain business insights.

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Establishing a vision for the production line with Sensors and AI

Flex uses sensors to gather machine data from its production lines and leverages the cognitive solutions from IBM, to monitor the condition of its production lines and ensure the quality in its…

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Force Manager leverages cognitive capabilities of IBM into its mobile sales assistant app

ForceManager leverages IBM cognitive computing to transform the sales profession and dramatically increase productivity, creating a personal assistant app that conforms to the way sales reps actually…

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