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Bestseller India harnesses the AI power of IBM Watson to predict fashion trends

The Bestseller brand offers more than fast fashion brands; it provides a fashion lifestyle. Keeping up with fashion in India means tracking trends that vary from region to region and even within…

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IBM Watson Studio Desktop (15 sec)

Watson Studio Desktop product introduction video

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Carhartt: Smarter supply chain planning with IBM Planning Analytics

Carhartt has been making rugged, durable work and weekend wear for more than 130 years. Much of its business comes from repeat purchases of its core replenishable products through wholesalers. To…

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IBM PowerAI Vision

PowerAI Vision comes with intuitive tools to help subject matter experts easily train deep learning vision models.

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了解如何构建由 Watson AI 和 Dashbot Analytics 提供支持的聊天机器人

加入由 Dashbot 和 IBM Code SF 主持的实时网络研讨会,了解如何使用分析构建聊天机器人。在本次网络研讨会中,您将学到:如何使用 Watson AI 构建聊天机器人

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Building Your AI Data Pipeline: IBM Spectrum Storage for AI with NVIDIA DGX

This video is about building your AI data pipeline using IBM Spectrum Storage for AI with NVIDIA DGX.

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Computer Merchants Partners with IBM for AI Services

As the potential for AI is is opening up avenues for businesses that never existed, IBM is bringing state of the art AI technologies and tools to its business partners and customers.

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Accelerate AI Data Pipelines with IBM Spectrum Storage for AI

IBM Spectrum Storage for AI supercharges your AI data pipeline with solutions optimized for the unique demands of AI and machine learning. Integrating industry-leading systems and IBM…

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IBM RXN for Chemistry

The first AI web service for predicting chemical reactions in the IBM Cloud.

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IBM Watson — Can do more with your data

Watson can detect defects from just a few images to help stay on time and on budget. That’s why it’s the best AI for the job. Let’s put smart to work.

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How AI-powered service desks outperform traditional IT service desks

In a world where teams are spread across the globe and constantly mobile, your employees need around-the-clock service desk support. IBM’s AI-powered service desk offering, Workplace Support…

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Petrosoft: Fueling safer, more efficient petroleum retail operations with IBM Informix

By embedding IBM Informix databases in its devices, Petrosoft enables clients to harness IoT data at the edge of the network and gain a clear, real-time view of information from a host of front-end…

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SOA Professionals pioneers the development of cognitive solutions for the Mexican market and beyond

SOA Professionals forged a successful business reselling software to the financial market, but realized it needed a more innovative approach to address client needs. The company was an early adopter…

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Scaling Deep Learning to 256 GPUs with 95% efficiency Webcast

The benefits scaling beyond a single node might provide you, in terms of training times and accuracy.

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How to not lose sleep over infrastructure migrations

Flying spiders can be scary but migrations don't have to be. At IBM, we are here to help to make that transition as easy as possible.

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Power AI Demo

How hard is it to get started on an AI job? Not very if you have the right infrastructure and software support.

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