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Vivo Energy becomes an intelligent enterprise deploying SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems

How Vivo Energy are fuelling future growth, boosting efficiency, unlocking operational insight and minimizing risk by deploying SAP S/4HANA on IBM® Power Systems. Read more:…

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Balance agility and control with IBM Multicloud Management Platform

To learn more about IBM Multicloud Management Platform, visit our website:

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Open IT Up: Monitor and manage hybrid IT with IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure

IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure helps you fuse your existing IT with cloud capabilities and orchestrate it from any location across all providers. Learn more about IBM Integrated Managed…

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VE Commercial Vehicles + IBM Services: Simplified Manufacturing

With robust infrastructure services from IBM, VECV simplifies and streamlines coverage for its multi-vendor environment across locations, accelerating issue resolution, increasing productivity,…

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Why you need an automated approach to IT GRC management

In many companies different departments have their own IT systems and processes to manage governance, risk and compliance (GRC). These disparate management programs are not sufficient to provide the…

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Nextel: Bringing AIOps to network operations

A telecommunications provider in Brazil, Nextel runs a network that is growing in size and complexity every day. Using IBM Netcool Operations Insight software to monitor more than 25,000 network…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

See how IBM Cloud Pak for Applications allows you to develop innovative cloud-native apps using the tools and runtime of your choice; and modernize traditional applications to run alongside and…

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IBM Technical Support Appliance preview

IBM provides TSA—a technical support solution designed to streamline IT inventory discovery and optimize systems availability. Unlike many competitors, IBM can provide virtually unparalleled…

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Cloud Week_认知型运维平台实践分享_cloud week 苏卓

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Defend Against Insider Threats On Prem and Off Prem with DevSecOps

DevSecOps is an important trend in enterprise IT. Integrating application security with DevOps helps ensure it is designed in, not just bolted on, offering greater protection against threats. See…

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CICS VSAM Recovery How quickly can you recover mission critical data

Learn more: Provides details about how CICS VR uses logs to quickly recover lost or corrupted VSAM data.

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IBM Multi-site Workload Lifeline

For more information about IBM Multi-site Workload Lifeline visit IBM® Multi-site Workload Lifeline enables intelligent load balancing of critical workload transactions…

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Unified self-service from IBM Services for Multicloud Management

With all the benefits of cloud, enterprises are eager to take advantage. But a decade into the cloud era, enterprise organizations are still dealing with large, on-premises…

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IBM智能运维解决方案打造认知型IT 模式

IBM智能运维解决方案打造认知型IT 模式

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Solution demo: Workplace Support Services with Watson

See four typical user interactions with the solution, which uses analytics, cognitive technology and automation to drive outstanding IT service desk support experiences.

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Itelligence and IBM embarking Nordic clients on their journey to cloud

To stand out in the crowded IT service provider market, itelligence Denmark needed a differentiator. To spice up its SAP hosting services, the company deployed IBM® Power Systems™ servers…

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