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Banking in a lounge: How Virgin Money is reshaping the branch

Banking industry veteran Paul Titterton, Head of Networks at Virgin Money, shares his successful vision and explains the journey undertaken by Virgin Money's branch network.

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Emid: A pioneer of cloud-based banking on the value of IBM Z

Learn how IBM Z can help banks compete in the digital economy: Demand for banking services is booming in Africa, making for a fiercely competitive marketplace as established…

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Bank of New York Mellon Leverages Pervasive Encryption on IBM Z

Data encryption is one of the hottest topics for financial institutions today. As transaction volumes continue to increase there is more pressure than ever to ensure that data is protected and…

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Bradesco: Banking on the future of Brazil with IBM Z

Bradesco: Banking on the future of Brazil with IBM Z.Bradesco, the third-largest bank in Brazil, handles 1.5 billion monthly business transactions for 72 million customers. To continually meet these…

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IBM and Citibank: using analytics to change the financial world

Watch Citigroup Head of Operations & Technology Don Callahan, CTO, Global Consumer Banking Craig Bright and Managing Director of Enterprise Systems Martin Kennedy discuss how Citibank is using…

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RPA 开启金融机构数字化转型之旅

保险业正在引领全球所有行业的自动化进程 ,IBM具备了向金融客户提供完整的端到端从RPA 开始的自动化解决方案 ,以帮助银行等金融机构完成关键业务的差异化建设,提升其竞争力!

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Bank of New York Mellon securely moves massive amounts of data with IBM Z

Learn more about Blockchain on IBM Z: IBM Z is well known for its ability to manage, move and protect massive amounts of data making it an ideal platform for Blockchain. By…

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IBM Services Breakthrough Partnerships : Bank of Philippine Islands

Digitally savvy consumers demand new channels of interactions and innovative banking solutions, enabled by a secure and scalable hybrid multi-cloud. Bank of the Philippine Islands has partnered IBM…

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Plastic Bank: Enabling plastic recycling and financial inclusion with IBM Blockchain

Eighty percent of ocean plastic starts on land in developing countries. Plastic Bank's solution to stop ocean plastic also focuses on alleviating poverty by making plastic waste a currency.…

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主题演讲:开放银行实践思考专家对话:释放数据价值,加速金融科技创新专家对话:新生态新金融 - 携手共创多云环境下的开放与自主可控主题演讲:现代架构,构架未来

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2019 IBM 金融创新者大会精彩回放

2019年 8月 1日,IBM 金融创新者大会成功在大连举办。数位来自 IBM 的专家与金融行业的客户共同探讨如何构建认知型金融,从而加速企业数字化重塑!

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Allied Irish Bank is exceeding expectations from customers and regulators to sustain exponential growth

One of the largest banks in the Republic of Ireland, Allied Irish Banks (AIB) offers retail, business and corporate banking services to 2.4 million customers in Ireland and the UK. AIB relies on IBM…

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Isbank: Moving to Cloud with Resilience

Learn how Isbank was able to migrate its servers, applications and operational data, without disrupting the banking services its customers depend on.

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ICBC Argentina defines the business of digital with Watson and Cloud

Advances in digital services and personalized banking experiences create a challenge for established banks such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A. (ICBC Argentina).…

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